At every step of your buyer’s journey, content marketing reigns. From attention-grabbing landing pages to review collection, online marketing requires a strategy that delivers a continuous cycle of leads while retaining current customers. Smart Insights reports that “out of the marketing activities with the highest ROI, SEO, content marketing, and email marketing are the most effective.” However, these benefits decline for those who don’t provide leads and customers with a steady amount of content at every touch point.

A marketing strategy that routinely delivers updated content attracts the attention of search engines and humans. With an Altimeter survey showing that “70 percent of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy,” companies with a cohesive plan edge out the competition.

Consistent online marketing generates leads

With the glut of information online, consumers face more content choices than ever before. Due to algorithm changes, companies that don’t produce a steady stream of updated content aren’t visible to the search engines. HubSpot reports that “companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got about 4.5 times more leads than companies that published zero to four monthly posts,” inferring that ongoing content creation attracts leads at a higher rate. However, creating a packed editorial calendar strains financial and time budgets.

Successful marketers provide fresh content by leveraging customer reviews. Customer testimonials show consumers that your business actively engaged with customers and the customer journey. Plus, reviews provide Google with new content to index which increases your ranking.

A Bright Local study finds that “73 percent of consumers think reviews older than three months are no longer relevant,” proving the value new customer reviews. Updated content helps leads find your services and increases trust in your brand, which is why a content marketing strategy that uses review collection captures a higher share of the market.

Use content marketing for customer retention

Once someone purchases your product or service, then it’s time to turn that customer into a loyal fan. A study by Bain found that “Increasing customer retention rates by five percent increases profits anywhere from 25 to 95 percent.” This signifies the importance of nurturing your customers as part of an ongoing content marketing strategy.

However, customers at this stage require different forms of content. A survey by NewVoiceMedia says,  “Feeling unappreciated is the #1 reason customers switch away from products and services.” That’s why it’s crucial that your online marketing efforts demonstrate your ongoing concern.

A fantastic way to prove that you care about customer experience is to request feedback. Consumers want brands that listen to their concerns, and they reward those companies with positive social proof. Tempkin research shows that “after having a positive experience with a company, 77 percent of customers would recommend it to a friend.” This implies that online marketing that leverages customer reviews increases satisfaction and the overall experience.

Update your marketing strategy

With the fast pace of technology, consumers expect more from companies. From speedy responses to up-to-date information, the age and timeliness of your content matters. While automation is crucial to a marketing strategy, if you fail to address the need for new content, then it’ll be challenging to rank on Google, attract leads, or retain current customers.

The way to avoid losing out to the competition is by delivering a constant stream of relevant content and new reviews.

  • Ensure that your online marketing is top notch by including SMART goals for consistent content creation
  • Leverage reviews to demonstrate your timely response
  • Consider what type of content marketing suits each stage of the sales funnel

Between building credibility and increasing search engine visibility, updated content is an essential part of any content marketing strategy. For companies struggling to develop regular content, review collection provides a steady source of updated information that enhances the customer experience.