There’s no doubt that the quality of your online reviews matters. It’s great for potential customers to see five-star feedback and read all the reasons that clients enjoy your business. However, you should not just pay attention to the average number of stars your company receives. Potential clients look at how many reviews you receive, and so should you.

Reduce the Impact of a Few Negative Reviews

If you have one or more negative reviews lingering, consumers may pass on your business when they see the overall rating. The impact of a single one-star review is particularly severe if you don’t have much feedback at all.

For example, consider a company that has nine reviews that average to 4.5, which is ideal according to research. If one person has a bad experience or an ax to grind, they could tank that rating to 4.15, which is below the perfect range of 4.2 to 4.5.

Imagine the same company that has 99 positive reviews and just one unhappy customer. Suddenly, the one review can’t bring the overall rating down almost half of a point. In this scenario, the 4.5-star rating falls to 4.46--barely noticeable.

If you have some negative reviews, be sure to respond. If this feedback plagues your overall rating, try effective methods for gaining more overall reviews. Even if you already have high ratings, gaining more reviews right now can protect you from serious damage in the future.

People Trust Quantity Too

If you have been following our blog for a while, you already know that most people and businesses trust online reviews, but you may not know that they trust this feedback even more than they trust their friends to recommend products and services. However, the ways in which consumers use reviews to make decisions are more complicated than that.

A recent study from Stanford University found that people choose products with more reviews than competitors, even when the alternatives have higher average scores.

More Reviews Mean Better SEO

SEO helps consumers find your business when they type relevant keywords into search engines. Moz, one of the leaders in SEO research, found that reviews make up 15 percent of all the factors that Google considers in rankings. One of the most important review factors in 2018 was the quantity of feedback.

This research means that if you have many reviews with diverse results, you may rank higher on Google when customers look for businesses like yours. Ranking higher is absolutely vital for many businesses. After all, 91.5 percent of all clicks from Google take place on the first page of results. Most people never go to the second page at all.

Ranking higher on Google means huge returns on your investments. When people come to your business through SEO, the close rate is about 14.6 percent. However, outbound marketing like cold calls and flyers only have a close rate of 1.7 percent. Considering how much less it costs to improve SEO with reviews than to complete outbound marketing methods, this is a no-brainer.

It’s Better Business

Gaining as many reviews as possible is simply good for business. Several positive reviews can make a few negative ones seem insignificant. Furthermore, this strategy puts your business ahead of your competition on review sites and Google. Overall, more quality reviews lead to more business, which begets more feedback, and puts you on the cycle for success.