Each month, over 7 million consumers visit ConsumerAffairs.com. Common consumer search queries include terms such as “best” or “reviews” as consumers actively research to locate products or services. A significant amount of provided queries from consumers landing on our site contain those two words. With over 90% of keyword referrals listed as “(not provided)”, it’s difficult to get a complete picture of all search terms driving traffic to our website, but using the average number of known keyword referrals shows us a significant number of consumers seeking reviews and resources for future purchases.

Consumer reviews are trusted as much as 12 times more than information directly from manufacturers, and researching consumers discover sentiment of all types in organic search results. While one voice seems harmless on its own, a first page search result for a consumer-focused search query means one voice will touch millions of people and impact the way consumers consider brands before purchase. Search engine traffic on this larger scale containing a high volume of ready-to-buy consumers means it’s time for brands to stand up and take notice of traffic landing on third-party sites like ConsumerAffairs.

Why worry when you pay enough to get first page PPC listings? Two words: organic search.

PPC is great for increased online visibility in search, but the harsh reality for brands is 77% of search users select organic results over paid listings during their online research. When consumers are ready to purchase, 67% select organic listings. While organic search results on the first page are 8.5X more likely to get the coveted consumer click, the cost can vary depending on an SEO strategy. Many brands overpay for less effective tactics centered around brand-owned media, and neglect to take into consideration listings already taking up the first page.

Organic SEO strategy can be extremely cost effective when done correctly and in conjunction with a PPC campaign tuned in to the behaviors of a target consumer audience. Focusing SEO strategy on management of third-party organic search listings gives your brand the control needed to shape online sentiment and present a balanced view of the customer experience you offer. Making a connection between the message you send consumers and the stories your customers share gives your brand additional legitimacy in the eyes of today’s cautious consumers.

Put your brand name in front of more consumers

Knowing how many consumers are landing at ConsumerAffairs.com directly from organic search, your team should also be paying close attention to other third-party sites where your brand — or your competitor’s brand — has a listing. If you’d like to learn more about how to turn our traffic into your new customers, connect with our team today.