In 2018, content reigned supreme. From video marketing to blogging, businesses zeroed in on delivering value to customers. The next step to upping your sales strategy and keeping consumers engaged in 2019? Creating an exemplary user experience. From turning up the dial on your conversions, remarketing to previous visitors via Google Adwords, and making customers your sales team, here’s your play-by-play on creating an unforgettable experience in the New Year.

Make Your Website a Sales Magnet

Optimizing user experience on your website is key to generating sales and creating a pipeline that pulls in more leads. In 2019 it’s all about creating a website that is personalized and pays attention to the small details. Enter the dynamic heat map: the secret to finding out what draws the attention of your visitors.

“Dynamic heatmaps make data come alive by visualizing visitor click, move, and scroll data for elements such as a drop-down, hamburger menu, or pop-up, automatically as you navigate through a website,” shares Impact, an Inbound Marketing agency, in their recent article on the top three conversion tools.

With dynamic heat maps, you can find out which page elements are doing double duty – and make those the highlight of the user’s experience. For areas that aren’t so hot, you can use the data provided to now make them click-worthy aspects of your strategy.

Maximize Ad Conversions

With the rise of content marketing, social media has solidified its place on the sales roster. Now it’s time to take those social media marketing efforts to the next level with paid advertising. All the major players from Facebook to LinkedIn offer opportunities for companies to get in front of their customers with personalized offers and targeted adverts.

To better target your audience, work with your company’s marketing team to increase the conversion rate optimization (CRO). As the boutique sales consulting and coaching firm, Kaizen Sales, explains “CRO involves evaluating your pages, offers, CTAs, and other marketing materials so you can see what’s working and what’s not.”

Using such data as locale and hobbies, your sales team can be where your ideal customer is. Leverage these opportunities to bring your customer to you to make it your most successful year yet.

Use Google Adwords to Retarget Previous Visitors

Really want to take your sales game to the next level in 2019? Nurture current leads and previous customers. While social media ads are a prime way to convert new leads into buying customers, Google Adwords leads the way in helping companies re-engage previous visitors and customers. Paying special attention to the customers you already have and turning them into lifelong advocates will outweigh the benefits of converting new customers.

“Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one,” explains Amy Gallo, contributing editor at the Harvard Business Review, about the importance of increasing customer acquisition efforts. Furthermore, “Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%,” Gallo goes on to note, pointing to a study from Frederick Reicheld of Bain & Company.

In addition to using social media ads to lure in new customers, give previous customers and visitors the spotlight and VIP treatment. With Google Adwords “the adverts are served to people that have already visited your website making them very targeted,” a great reason why the WordPress Hosting Platform, Kinsta, suggest B2B leaders use it as a sales strategy in their lead generation.

Extra effort to keep existing clientele engaged can both boost your bottom line and keep your business top of mind for return customers.

Increase Efficiency in Your Sales Pipeline

Businesses often prefer to leave a good thing alone. But that kind of thinking won’t take you to the next level. Once a company’s sales ramp up, it’s time to optimize your systems and processes. Making improvements to your sales pipeline can be what tips the scale and boosts sales.

Some ways to do so? Sit down with your sales and marketing teams to make sure they’re up to date on what to do next in the customer’s buying journey. Are there follow-ups and improved automation that can be set up? Quicker ways to funnel new customers into your CRM? Customer reviews to be collected, responded to and analyzed?

MarTech Today, the Marketing technology news and management publication, suggests finding faster ways to go from the first contact to sale: “One other big data point being watched closely by the executive team is “pipeline velocity” – the time from when an opportunity is created to the time the deal is closed-won.”

The business website, Business 2 Community, echoes these sentiments, suggesting sales professionals “consider starting at the top of the sales pipeline and increasing your lead generation by boosting your spending on pay-per-click advertising.” Working in tandem with the rest of your sales strategy, optimizing your company’s sales pipeline can result in greater leads and less missed opportunities.

Turn Customers Into Your Sales Team

If there’s anyone that’ll prove essential to your sales strategy it’s the people who love and enjoy your products and services. Hearing from customers can be daunting, but there’s power in customer reviews. Here’s the real reason you should collect customer reviews. To turn these positive representatives into all-star players, delight them with special deals. How?

“Deliver exclusive content, offer special discounts, host appreciation events, and create a referral or affiliate program,” the B2B Credit Management and Automation Platform, Apruve, tells us. It’s one of their best marketing strategies for “nurturing relationships and building advocacy.” With a strong sales pipeline in place, you can retarget these individuals, and continue to encourage their word-of-mouth marketing.

Taking it one step further, ask them to once again share their positive experiences with family and friends. By leveraging the reviews of your best customers you can get new customers to come to you, reinvigorating your company’s sales.

Up Your Sales Game in 2019

Start with your website and create a user experience that incorporates what your customers want to see. Convert new customers into buyers with social ads, and remarket to previous buyers for a more well-rounded sales strategy. Once you do, tweak your sales pipeline and keep customers coming back again and again with special deals and offers.

Apply these strategies to get more prospects and increase leads. You’ll set your company apart with these high-quality B2B best practices and absolutely thrill customers with careful attention to detail.