In traditional marketing, managing a brand’s reputation is left to public relations pros. Today, reputation management is in the hands of web pros. With digital, marketers can shape their message and represent their brand in a positive light. The key to doing so is review collection.

Reviews have always been a strong way to connect with clients and consumers. The feedback provided allows customers to dive deeper into the quality and application of your products and services. Getting the feedback of real users impacts the buying decision-making process for consumers. Forbes notes that “according to Search Engine Land, 90% of customers read 10 reviews or fewer before deciding whether to trust a business.” The weight this holds in a customer’s decision is what makes quality review collection the next big thing in brand reputation.

The Power of Quality Review Collection

A good quality review includes a clear explanation of the products and services rendered, the reasons a customer chose your business, and details of their experience. Different customers will speak to a range of features in a given product or service. For instance, when buying a pair of sneakers one customer might highlight the selection in color whereas another customer might highlight the comfort of the shoe.

Of course, businesses already use marketing and advertising to tell customers the features. So why go the extra length to use quality review collection? Simple – social proof. Customers put a lot of weight on review collections because they trust each other more than brands. Marketing and advertising are you telling customers why you’re great; review collection is your customers telling others why you’re great.

Buffer takes this one step further in explaining the power of social proof. “We trust user reviews because they have experienced the product or service, unlike ourselves.” In this case, previous users are seen as experts. The real-life experience of users carries a lot of weight. Customers are looking for perspectives that speak to their challenges – and previous users have the best insight on this.

Review Collection and a Positive Brand Reputation

While quality collection creates valuable insights into customer experiences for other users, it is also valuable for reputation and reputation management. Search Engine Watch suggests using the insights from your customers to attach positive feelings to your branding. “It is helpful to keep track of the sentiment around your business, as this may offer useful insights on how to improve your digital strategy.”

Quality reviews can provide new ways to strengthen your customer service on social media or tell you a lot about the ways your customers like to communicate. All of these touchpoints in your digital strategy create a better experience for the customer.

But beyond digital, how can quality review collection shape your brand’s reputation? With feedback directly from your customers, it’s easier to create new products or add services. The rise of creative agencies is a prime example. Traditional agencies faced many challenges regarding capabilities and costs with the introduction of digital. Creative agencies saw an opportunity to offer services to these clients based on the conversations that were already occurring in the space. Addressing this client need boosts client sentiment. When brands listen to client reviews, it shows.

Making Quality Review Collection Work For You

Ignoring reviews can do serious harm to your brand reputation. As Brandify explains, brands and businesses can’t avoid getting feedback from customers. “In today’s age of tech-savvy consumers and word of mouth, more customers are considering reviews before visiting a location than ever before.”

That means review collection needs to be a central part of your reputation management strategy. Brands can create a positive position in the marketplace through nurturing. Use this next big thing in brand reputation management to stay aware of how your clients see you and grow positive sentiments for your customers.