The solar energy industry has grown rapidly over the past few years, with almost 600,000 buildings in the United States using solar as an energy source. As solar power becomes a mainstream and affordable option for consumers and businesses, more companies are going to move into the industry. Reputation marketing is an essential activity for solar companies already involved in this market segment, so they’re correctly positioned as widespread adoption numbers increase.

The importance of reputation marketing

Reputation marketing establishes trust with consumers by putting a strong focus on having a positive reputation on online review sites and other sites where customers and potential customers engage with each other. This trust is essential for building a strong position in the solar market as it grows, as current solar companies establish themselves as authority figures in the industry.

Consumers Rely on Online Reviews

78% of consumers take at least a quick look at reviews prior to making purchasing decisions. If a company has nothing but negative reviews, or no reviews at all, consumers may head to a company with a better reputation. Reputation marketing provides companies with several strategies to control and improve their online presence.

Even with falling costs, solar installation still represents a significant investment on the part of the consumer. There are several marketing areas a company needs to handle in the online review arena. The first is encouraging multi-channel review posting. Companies don’t want to put their eggs in one online review basket, so spreading reviews around to diverse and relevant sites helps improve the overall Internet presence of the company. When companies provide consumers with multiple options for posting reviews, it helps improve the overall review quantity available.

The reviews also should not be fabricated. Fake reviews often have tell tale signs that informed and educated consumers pick up on. A bad review is a chance for a company to turn an unhappy customer into a potential brand evangelist. By addressing the customer’s concerns and engaging with them in a productive manner, they leave a lasting impression on the customer. The loudest voices are the ones companies want on their side, and sometimes that means turning a detractor into their biggest fan.

Increased Competitive Market

The solar industry is going to get a lot of new players in the market as it grows. Newcomers to the industry are going to increase the competitiveness, as well as creating a harder environment for an existing company to stand out in. Current solar companies want to take their reputation marketing in hand right now and create a positive brand reputation before the industry gets flooded with new companies. Trusted brands are the ones consumers look for again and again, so brand awareness combined with positive reputation management creates a solid long-term foundation for solar companies.

A reputation marketing plan is as essential as other marketing campaigns for solar companies. When solar companies take the time to establish themselves firmly as the market grows, they have the leverage to build their authority and consumer trust. This positioning helps companies prepare themselves for long term growth and positive engagement with new and established customers.

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