How often do you ask for customer feedback? Making the ask for many businesses poses a challenge. For one, knowing how to ask can be difficult. It takes skill to encourage customers to share their thoughts or write a review. However, it's possible to learn!

Learning how to ask for customer feedback can actually help businesses drive growth. “Each happy customer tells nine more.” Brands can create whole armies of loyalists through their happy customers. Five great ways to do so? Your website, online surveys, focus groups, social polls, and online review collection campaigns. Each one provides a unique opportunity.

Make Your Ask Specific

The first thing to know before reaching out for feedback is why you’re asking and how you'll use the feedback. UK based software company, Kayako, suggests playing off your customer’s strengths. “Think about the strengths and skills of that person and ask for feedback on something specific, related to those skills.” This way you get targeted feedback and allow your customer to share their expertise.

For example, let's take an invoicing company. They may notice one of their customers uses their mileage tracker. This is a great opportunity to ask for suggestions on how to improve that particular feature. It also lets the invoicing company know how customers use their product.

Let Your Website Ask For You

Asking for feedback on your website means you can get your customer’s thoughts right on the spot. Chatbots, pop-up forms and comments at the bottom of the page are three simple ways to prompt customer feedback. Chatbots need a representative to respond and make the experience more personal.

For a quicker way, HelpScout recommends forms and boxes right on your page. “Strategically inserted comment boxes at the end of pages draw candid feedback that doesn’t require employee monitoring or interrupt a user while they’re browsing the page.” Comment boxes and contact forms are great at the end of a post or article. After an engaging piece of content, you can deliver a specific call to action right at the end.

Ask Through Online Surveys

Surveys have long been a popular way to gather testimonials and insights. While mailers are still a possibility, an online survey makes it easy to get prompt responses. On average, 39% of people check their email 1 to 3 times per day while 33% of people check their email throughout the day. Because of this, emailing your customers can be a more practical way to ask for feedback.

There are two ways to ask with online surveys: one is with short and quick questions in an email. This personal touch is perfect for brands that would like general feedback. The second option is a survey link or form. These tend to be on the longer side, with more in-depth questioning. Both are great options. The trick with online surveys is to treat it like any piece of content. Create an engaging headline and explain the value behind your customer’s feedback.

Or Create a Focus Group

Want to understand how customers use your product or service? Focus groups may be for you! These are great to test design, ease of use, and user experience. Focus groups are great for one-on-one asks as well as with small clusters.

Today, you don't even have to be in the same location. Video conferencing and communication platforms make it possible to connect online. As HelpScout notes, “you can get face-to-face and share screens online with programs like Zoom and” It's possible to see how your customers engage with your brand even from a distance.

Poll Your Customers on Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram make it easy to poll users in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Polls encourage your community to be part of the conversation – which customers love!

“Brands can use polls to understand their customers’ needs, interests, and opinions, which can affect product strategy, branding, messaging, and beyond,” Content Marketing agency Skyword explains. Polls can have multiple choice questions, true/false statements or a pop quiz. They’re an excellent way to boost comments and customer engagement.

Give Online Review Collections A Go

From a short blurb to an entire platform, online reviews are great for customer feedback. Through online review collection, customers can share why they love your products. It can even highlight what they’d like to see in future updates. Some online review collection sites even allow customer photos and videos. This can build positive expectations and boost customer satisfaction.

There are many ways to gather customer feedback for online reviews. You could send a follow-up email post-purchase to ask for a customer’s thoughts. This would be the best time to get reviews on your check out process or delivery time. Or use social media to ask consumers why they choose your brand. And direct them to your website's contact form to leave feedback.

Remember to always thank your customers for sharing. Feeling valued will go a long way when asking for feedback!

Now, How Will You Make The Ask?

Customer feedback can come from a myriad of different avenues. While we've noted 5 of the best ways to ask for feedback, there are still plenty more! Before asking for feedback, there’s one thing to always be aware of: why you’re asking.

Pin-point a specific feature or the area you’d like to improve to better guide how you ask. The best part is customers love to provide their feedback. So ask away!