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When it comes to reviews which matters more, stars or reviews themselves? We set out to answer this question & you may be surprised by the results!  

Customer Service, Customer Engagement, Customer Reviews

Consumers are looking for ways to connect with a brand’s customer service team or solve their problems by reading solutions shared by other customers.  

Customer Service, Customer Engagement

Where do your consumers leave feedback for your brand online? Are they most active on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or on third-party review sites like For most companies, the ...

Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Customer Engagement

The average consumer is exposed to more than 3,000 brand messages on a daily basis. How do they decide which brands to trust? The answer is complex, and their basis of trust has changed significantly ...

Customer Service, Customer Engagement

Summer is coming yet again, and with it a projected 7% increase in consumer spending at restaurants and bars and a 10% increase for online sellers and catalog shippers. Although warm weather brings ...

Customer Service, Customer Engagement

When Henry Ford introduced the moving automobile assembly line in 1913, it changed the automotive industry in many ways, one of which was the rise of the independently owned auto dealership. This ...