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Consumer Behavior

In 2015, companies spent $68 billion worldwide on market research alone. For a long time, consumer behavior has been of interest to marketers and companies alike. But why? For one, it helps us ...

Consumer Behavior, Customer Reviews

Here at ConsumerAffairs, we love reviews! But, more importantly, we know consumers love reviews. But, why? What makes reviews such a valuable resource to consumers? And to what degree are reviews ...

Consumer Behavior, Customer Reviews

Introduction I want to share three immutable – or unchanging – laws of online consumer behavior. I settled on this alternate title because the social media team told me my original title was too ...

Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Incentivized Reviews, Customer Reviews

With companies like Amazon making the move to ban incentivized reviews, the power shift from brands to consumers is more apparent than ever.  

Customer Service, Consumer Behavior, Reputation Marketing, Customer Reviews

From outperforming your competition in organic search to having happier employees, review collection is a powerhouse tool for brands. Most brands understand being engaged with customers online is an ...

Marketing, Reputation Management, Consumer Behavior, Reputation Marketing

Finova Financial, the industry’s first cloud and mobile-based consumer lending platform, recently partnered with ConsumerAffairs, becoming an accredited brand on the platform.  

Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Customer Engagement, Customer Reviews

When it comes to reviews which matters more, stars or reviews themselves? We set out to answer this question & you may be surprised by the results!  

Consumer Behavior, Customer Reviews

Have recent pet food recalls hurt your sales? Pet food reviews impact in-store purchasing. Learn how we can help your customers make better decisions.

Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Customer Engagement

The average consumer is exposed to more than 3,000 brand messages on a daily basis. How do they decide which brands to trust? The answer is complex, and their basis of trust has changed significantly ...

Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior

Each month, over 7 million consumers visit Common consumer search queries include terms such as “best” or “reviews” as consumers actively research to locate products or services. ...