In a study by BrightLocal, it was revealed that 80 percent of consumers aged 18-34 have left an online review for a company whose services or goods they’ve purchased. This is a huge jump from four years ago when only 60 percent of all consumers left reviews for businesses they’d purchased from.

The increase in the number of reviews being left is great news for marketing and sales professionals, as 88 percent of consumers reference reviews before making a purchasing decision. Essentially this means that every customer review that’s left can be viewed as free marketing for a company or brand.

However, this also means that the quality of customer reviews really does matter for your company. Thorough, validated reviews do everything from providing additional search engine value to bringing more credibility to a brand, and delivering more insights to the prospective customers researching that brand.

Quality reviews provide more insights

Reviews that only leave a starred rating, or are a single word or emoji, don’t actually tell potential customers anything about your business. They don’t let prospective clients know why your product stands out above the rest. At best, they only let them know that you exist, which is not all that helpful when it comes to encouraging customers to choose you.

Longer, more detailed reviews lend themselves to explaining the ins and outs of why your company is the top choice. For example, a quality review could let potential customers know that while your product may be marginally more expensive than others on the market, its quality is far superior to competitors. Or a thorough review may explain that your customer service is exemplary and your shipping options provide the quickest delivery time. Quality reviews help potential customers identify why they should choose your brand over any other.

Quality reviews provide more credibility

Quality reviews, especially those found on third-party sites, tend to offer companies more credibility than single-word or starred reviews, and here’s why: third-party reviews tend to consider an entire company rather than a product. In other words, rather than just recommending an individual product or service to a customer, high-quality reviews can encourage potential customers to pursue your brand in general.

For example, if a customer searches your cookware company through a third-party website like ConsumerAffairs, they aren’t just going to see quality reviews about the baking sheets they’re interested in. Instead, they’ll find customer testimonials about your range of products, the speed with which they were delivered, and the quality of your customer service when problems with orders arose, which could motivate them to trust your brand for all their kitchenware needs. Quality reviews lend credibility to your company as a whole, rather than a single product that you sell.

Quality reviews provide value by search engines

If you aren’t familiar with how organic search rankings on major search engines work, then it’s worth spending some time learning about. While the process is complex, there is one important thing to note for our purposes: the more unique content your site offers, the higher your company will appear in the search rankings.

Each quality review that’s posted on your site (i.e. a review that mentions your company or product by name) increases the amount of unique content your site offers on that particular product. As the amount of unique content goes up, you’ll be seen as having higher authority and more relevance, increasing the overall ranking of those pages. Done right, this means that when a customer Googles “best vacuum” your company will appear on the first page of results without any additional effort from your sales and marketing teams.

If you’re interested in increasing the number of quality reviews your company receives, then you should be partnering with ConsumerAffairs. prides itself on collecting only quality reviews. To see how can help your company, talk with one of our brand development representatives.