Have recent pet food recalls hurt your sales? Pet food reviews impact in-store purchasing. Learn how we can help your customers make better decisions.

Consumers spend nearly $60 billion each year on pet care, 40% of which they spend on food. From packaging to placement on the shelves at pet stores, there are hundreds of factors that cause consumers to choose one brand of dog or cat food over another. But while most brands readily invest untold amounts of money updating their packaging and in-store advertising, many of them ignore one of the biggest factors influencing the in-store behavior of today’s consumers: online reviews.

Reviews help drive online consumers to brick-and-mortar pet stores

One of the great myths of leveraging social proof via online reviews is that it only really works to convert online shoppers. However, 75% of consumers who find positive local information in search results are more likely to visit a physical pet store to make a purchase.

Once in-store, consumers use reviews to make their decisions

Consumers are faced with an increasing number of increasingly specific choices when it comes to pet food. Natural, organic, vegetarian, puppy, kitten, senior, grain-free and closer-to-evolution pet foods, just to name a few, crowd pet store shelves. While consumers may be faced with more pet food choices, fewer consumers trust package labeling or brand statements about the quality of ingredients or health benefits now more than ever before. Perhaps that’s why 50% of consumers regularly seek out information and reviews on their mobile devices in-store, and 60% of shoppers agree that helpful online reviews increase the likelihood of an in-store purchase.

Consumers who don’t find what they’re looking for leave frustrated

Two-thirds of customers report not being able to find the information they’re looking for in-store. 43% of those shoppers then leave the store, feeling frustrated. Online reviews can fill information gaps, but only if consumers can find them, and on mobile, users typically don’t scroll past the third or fourth result.

Partnering with third-party review sites solves these three key issues

Partnering with third-party review sites allows brands to leverage the considerable SEO of these trusted, high-traffic domains and ensure their information shows up at the top of mobile SERPs. By engaging customers within these valuable consumer learning resources, pet store brands can leverage the visibility and powerful social proof needed to push consumers into a purchase decision.