With the excitement of spring and summer comes a frenzy of activity. Marketers put their marketing skills on the line as they strive to exceed expectations and nail goals. A strong branding strategy requires ongoing effort. That’s why successful marketers automate marketing communications and maintain brand awareness while avoiding burnout and exhaustion.

Rely on solid marketing skills for decision-making

As we head into the warm months, staying on top of marketing communication is essential. However, it’s tough to stay focused with the whirlwind of activities, short weeks, and staff vacations. The key is to review your editorial calendar and marketing tasks early in the month before your brain turns to mush. Get your creative hat on now, so you can lighten the load during the holidays and vacations. Start with a clear view by looking over each objective for the next six weeks.

Review your branding strategy

Prioritize your marketing goals

Brainstorm your marketing communications

Plan for consistent distribution

Schedule proactive review collection

Automate your marketing communications with scheduling

Don’t let the short holiday and vacation weeks knock off your sales numbers. Even incredible marketing skills won’t soften a blow resulting from unfortunate timing. Not only that but mentally you and your team members are excited for warmer months and all the activities that come along with it. Avoid errors in your marketing communications by scheduling your content and review collection emails before the madness begins.

Social Media. If you rely on staff to update your social media, then this is an excellent time to invest in tools that help your team and boost customer experience. Popular scheduling services like Hootsuite or Buffer, help keep a consistent posting schedule through these busy months. Create a goal for social media content creation and get your main posts scheduled a couple of months out.

Website content. Roll out trending topics and interesting stats for your audience to gulp down after the kids are asleep. However, don’t wait until the last minute to set up your blog posts. From keyword research to headline creation, make time to plan out blog and webpage-related tasks and cut them into small chunks of time over the next few weeks. Then schedule your post or page in your CMS and let it go into auto-drive during the frenzy.

Email campaigns. Check out your automated workflows for each of your campaigns to ensure consistency. With people being in and out of the office during this spring and summer season, your email campaigns need to be customer-centered and on-point. Set up alerts during shorter weeks, so you can focus on day-to-day tasks but still check in on your ongoing marketing campaigns.

Keep brand awareness alive

Along with scheduling content tasks ahead of time, you’ll need to pay careful attention to your review collection and responses. Jump on the sunshine and summertime spirit and encourage consumers to add reviews. Using platforms like ConsumerAffairs for Brands allows you to schedule your review collection emails in advance, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about during these busy times. Here’s where your ongoing review collection will keep your sales strong.

By collecting reviews in now, your prospects during the fall and winter holidays will see a slew of recent reports and responses. The consumer’s trust in customer testimonials is well-known, so put an emphasis on review collection.

Marketing through these busy times gets intense. Stay on top of your branding strategy by creating your content ahead of time and automating your marketing communications. Set yourself up for a fantastic summer by increasing brand awareness with robust review collection efforts. Doing so will allow your brain to rely on your marketing skills engrained in your muscle memory and leave you less stressed while on your summer vacation.

Schedule a demo with us to see how the ConsumerAffairs for Brands App can help take your business to the next level during the spring and summer season, and all year-round.


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