Did you set resolutions for your company in 2019? While many people use the new year as a time to reflect on what personal changes they wish to make, the occasion is also a great time to re-examine your marketing strategies.

While you may choose to keep some of your tried-and-true marketing techniques around, consider energizing your outreach efforts with some of the top marketing tactics for 2019.

Online Reputation Management

Many companies rely on cold calls to leads, but what happens when the potential customer searches for information about your business online? 70 to 80 percent of people will conduct a Google search before they work with a business. If negative reviews and false information come up first, you may lose that client before you can even form a relationship.

65 percent of online users believe that an online search is the most trusted source of information about people and companies. Regardless of how great you and your salespeople are, well over half of the potential customers who search for your company will not trust you if the results are negative. The effect is so strong that companies of all kinds lose about 22 percent of potential sales, if even one negative article about the business appears on the first results page.

For this reason and many others, online reputation management should be part of any company’s 2019 marketing strategy. Comprehensive reputation management services ensure that customers find positive reviews, your website, and information that leads to sales.

Superb Customer Service

Even though some business owners think of marketing and customer experience management as two separate parts of the business, they do go hand-in-hand. Whatever industry you serve, chances are that people from companies within that business interact. Whether they go to conferences together or employees move between businesses, word about vendors gets around.

How potent is word-of-mouth? It influences 91 percent of all sales. Make sure what they say about you in-person is as good as it is online.

Providing an excellent customer experience is a sure-fire way to get referrals from within the industry. Differentiate yourself by offering unique and effective ways to help your customers. Remain consistent with the level of service you give each client.

Focus on each customer. After all, the person making the final purchasing decision is just that--a person. As they talk about your business, you’ll see the rewards.

Pivot to Video

Research from Google suggests that 70 percent of customers watch video at some point before they buy. If they aren’t watching your video, they may be watching your competitor’s instead.

Rather than relying on still images and written words to tell your story, get it out there with a video. Luckily, you do not need a lot of editing experience or a massive budget to execute this marketing strategy. Several online services allow you to make animated videos quickly.

Try New Things

Perhaps the most important marketing strategy for 2019 is experimentation. Try a few new things and continue with what works well. Start with the marketing strategies above and see where the new year takes you.