What marketing goals are at the top of your list this year? Are you looking to push out improved service and get customers to sign up? Or maybe you’re on the nexus of a new product and want to increase user buy-in? If so, making good use of customer reviews and feedback can help you increase conversion rates and create a community of brand loyalists while also letting your customers speak for you.

What is review collection?

Review collections websites, like ConsumerAffairs, group testimonials and feedback from real customers to provide consumers with an easy way to make their purchasing decisions. These platforms allow customers to share their personal experiences with others, building the reader’s trust in the company and pointing out features that the reader may not know about. While reading through reviews, readers have an opportunity to see how products or services have been tested in real life.

Review collection provides a shared identity

How can customer reviews and review collection build trust? For one, based on the language used they create a shared experience and persona. These reviews come filled with terms and long-tail keywords that real customers are using in search engines which not only make landing pages more SEO-friendly but also build a sense of comradery between reviewers and readers. As the conversion software company, Unbounce, explains:

“Previous research has shown that when people share common jargon and slang, they develop a shared sense of identity and trust each other more, no matter how little they actually know about each other.”

This shared identity signals experience and credibility whether in the industry or with a certain product, genre, service, etc.

Test customer satisfaction with reviews

One of the best ways to show customer satisfaction is through positive reviews. Reviews can range from quick snippets of customer feedback to a testimonial video on Youtube. Video testimonials are especially ideal, because “when done right, [they] provide a more human and authentic connection than the typical promotional videos.”

Outside of reflecting real human emotions and satisfaction, your business can test different methods to see where the most positive aspects of your product or service fall. Utilize A/B testing to see what your ideal audience prefers. This is a great method for product updates or when deciding which service features are most popular.

The impact of customer reviews on conversion rates

In a 2012 article, Econsultancy, the digital marketing community, shared that “50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6 percent increase in conversion rates.” With consumers becoming savvier at online purchasing, providing a mix of reviews – both positive and negative – will create a well-rounded view of the brand. Why? Because it shows people are engaging and interacting with your brand, instead of looking like a self-promotional trick.

Moving forward with user-generated social proof

If you’re looking for ways to build brand credibility and increase conversion rates then look no further than the power of social proof. The reviews and testimonials your customers provide will show, in great detail, how you’ve made your customers happy. With reviews, you can get a range of insights, and reflect an honest view of your business.

Look to review collection platforms, like ConsumerAffairs, to gather feedback. After purchase or service is delivered, you can also follow-up with your customer – while their purchase is still fresh – to get their thoughts on your product. With consistent effort, your conversion rates will see a positive change.

For more ways on how to use customer reviews in your business, browse through these additional resources or schedule a demo.

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