In order for a business to succeed, they must see growth or at least maintain a certain level of steady success. For many businesses, this translates to a need for sales. More sales results in more revenue which helps a business grow or maintain. A need for boosting sales directly relates to a need to grow or maintain.

So, how do you boost sales?

Thankfully, there are a lot of innovative ways to increase sales, but in the end, your customers are some of your best sales boosters. Leveraging customer reviews will help boost sales, sometimes beyond the most optimistic prediction. 72 percent of consumers will trust online reviews in the same way that they will trust personal recommendations. Additionally, product pages that include reviews benefit from a 17 percent increase in CTR!

Review collection and maintaining an excellent online reputation can make or break a company.

Here are 3 ways that leveraging customer reviews can boost business sales:

1. Brand awareness

The image a business portrays to its customers holds a lot of weight. A bad brand reputation ruins the opportunity to make news sales while a good one encourages sales. Online customer reviews are one of the many factors influencing your brand awareness. Whether the review is positive or negative, it shapes the reputation of a brand in the public eye. Online shoppers trust these reviews more than they trust your brand motto.

Therefore, review collection is incredibly helpful! Not only do customer reviews increase your visibility, improve user experience, and help customers adjust their expectations, but they help reveal who the brand is, generating more sales with people who need, support, or like what the business is all about. According to a survey, 42 percent of sites with customer reviews saw an increase in average order value.

2. Constructive criticism, suggestions, and open communication

While online shopping is convenient and preferable to many customers, it can easily block communication between seller and buyer. According to the American Management Association, “In the absence of open communication, a snowball effect of negative actions can envelop the energy of an organization. If communication is tentative and secretive, trust—what there is of it—tends to erode.”

That would be the case, that is, if it were not for online reviews. While some customers might prefer to send an email or make a quick call, posting a review online is often easier, more influential, and harder for a company to ignore. The review is usually direct, succinct and posted for the world to see if necessary.

This creates more pressure on the seller to respond, but that only serves to motivate them to do better work to resolve the issue and prevent future ones. Responding to constructive criticism and suggestions openly helps a brand get to know their customers better and respond quicker to their needs. While it might sound cumbersome, this all works to make a company better at making customers happy. A happy customer is much more likely to buy again and recommend a company to their friends!

3. Better search engine optimization (SEO) results

Review collection helps improve your SEO results, which helps boost sales. Positive customer reviews increase the activity on your company website, which works to cultivate your brand’s online visibility. The more people talking about your company online and the more places where they’re talking about it increases your company’s chances of being found. What Google shows on the first page matters, especially since few people ever go to the second, third, or fourth pages to find what they’re looking for.

The easier your company is to see, the more likely it is that someone will find it in a search, encouraging them to follow through and purchase your products or services. Regular review collection encourages customers to leave reviews, which encourages them to boost your SEO and sales all at once.


While you obviously want to have good reviews for your company, keep in mind that it’s nearly impossible for a growing, thriving business to have only 5-star reviews. Encountering negative reviews is part of the process and can actually make your brand more authentic and trustworthy, especially if the negative issues are responded to and properly resolved.