The holidays are a fun and festive time full of joyful celebrations and excitement. Keeping your team engaged, morale high and customers happy during this time can create incredible sales results and customer experiences. To take advantage of the holiday shopping season, a strong plan to hit sales goals needs to be in place. If you find your sales team is already looking forward to their breaks – and checking out in the meantime – then try these strategies to keep your team motivated:

Create A Holiday Challenge: Once the holidays roll around, create a fun way for your sales team to hit their goals and keep their sales strategy front and center. What better way than to create a team challenge? With fun and interactive sales challenges, your team can harness their holiday cheer into creating better customer experiences.

These 20 sales contest ideas, for example, from Small Business Trends are a great way to keep your team engaged. To keep your sales members further motivated, break your team up into smaller groups. That way they have an opportunity to share sales strategies with colleagues as well as a healthy support system in place to keep them reaching for holiday goals.

Shower Your Team With Appreciation: The holiday season is the perfect time to show your team their hard work has been positively received. Holiday parties, doling out holiday cards, or even organizing holiday potlucks can be a wonderful way to infuse holiday spirit into the workplace.

Not only will your sales team feel appreciated and enjoy a welcome break with teammates, but it will also give them something to look forward to. Brightening their spirits in this way can be just the boost your sales team needs to pass the joy on to customers and clients.

Schedule Brainstorming and Planning Sessions: With the excitement of the holidays, many of your customers and clients may be deep into celebration mode too. Now is a good time to get your sales team thinking ahead. Let your team change gears, and re-engage them by having them flex a different skillset during this time.

In a recent conversation with Forbes, Farah Akhtar of Contently suggests sitting down with the team to “both critically reflect and formulate new strategies to address individual and team level processes.” Use this time to encourage your team to enhance the customer experience, improve their current sales strategy or even suggest new goals they’d like to track in the new year for reputation management.

Have Your Team Set Goals Early: Letting your team set the pace at the beginning of the quarter or month can set the stage to keep your team interested during the holidays. Create a strategy early in the year, and get your team’s input on how they think this time of year can be tackled.

Would they prefer early notice if someone will be out of the office during this time? Or the chance to hit sales goals early and start planning new year initiatives? Allow your team to set the pace and the rhythm to get further buy-in and ensure everyone is on the same page. As the holidays draw closer, continue to chat with your team to see how they’d further like to be supported.

Tie Goals Into Personal Interest: Look at your sales team individually and ask yourself “How I can personally motivate my team members?” Team members with an interest in travel, for example, can benefit from a fresh new sales strategy that gets them out the door and talking to people in person. This way, they have an opportunity to identify potential new leads and explore locales that they may not have been aware of before.

Take into account the motivations of each individual member on your team to jazz up their goals. These 9 holiday incentives, courtesy of Inc., can be one way to get individual team members motivated, and increase sales. You may find one team member is motivated by the prospect of a restaurant gift card to take their family out for a meal – perfect for the holiday time – while offering a “Summer Friday” during the holidays can do the trick for others. Making it personal in this way lets your team know you’re invested in their particular performance and well-being.

Motivating your sales team during the holiday season can be an exhilarating way to improve customer experiences, a team’s dynamic, get new ideas on the table, or even get some much-needed quality time as an organization. The last thing you want to do is have a bad customer/prospect experience that can cause negative experiences and reviews. Use the strength of your sales team – their drive to hit goals, and their ability to create exceptional customer experiences and feedback – to boost morale with fun challenges, sales strategy planning sessions and the occasional team get together.

Get input from your team as well. Making the holiday season their own will give sales personnel more incentive to achieve goals and create great customer experiences. It will also help them feel appreciated, and give them a way to stake claim over their own contributions. Finally, continue to keep the lines of communication open with your sales team. Because of the distractions around holiday time, your team will come to enjoy feeling supported and heard.