Is your staff creating “WOW” moments? Learn how to beat the holiday buyers’ blues! Give the gift of excellent customer service this holiday season!

The holidays are here! Seasonal employees are being hired and advertising efforts are being ramped up to draw even more customers to stores all over the United States. With rapid hires happening, one of the biggest concerns businesses should have is making sure all employees are aligned with your customer service strategies. Everyone needs to be on the same page to prevent holiday disasters for customers and businesses alike.

Is your whole team aware of customer service strategies?

All too often, customer service and marketing teams remain unaware of one another, creating hiccups in the customer experience that inevitably lead to negative feedback from frustrated customers who are expecting more during holiday season. Teams should meet regularly leading into holiday rush times to touch on any issues that arise so that solutions can be developed and implemented quickly. When a customer issue appears, front-line employees should feel empowered to solve the problem quickly to avoid escalation and reduce the amount of negative feedback shared online by customers.

Negative feedback needs to be addressed quickly.

If businesses are faced with the challenge of negative feedback on third-party review sites or social media, it’s necessary to equip teams with enough resources to listen and respond quickly to resolve customer complaints and show other customers (and potential customers) that you are taking care of the situation. Holidays are a great time to rise above and beyond customer expectations when resolving issues, so take advantage of the feel good effect of holiday giving to create even more of a positive impact on your audience. Nothing beats a “WOW” moment!

Preparing your customer service team and checking in regularly will help all employees, regular and seasonal alike, handle the holiday rush efficiently and effectively. Increase listening. Focus on fine tuning the customer experience and proactively tending to customers as they engage with your brand. Pay attention to customer feedback and remember that a complaint is a gift. Complaints will allow you to resolve a customer’s issue, learn from the experience, and improve on customer service for future customers. After a customer complaint has been resolved, don’t be afraid to ask the customer to re-evaluate their experience. You’d be surprised how many are more than happy to update their review once they get their problem solved.

Don’t forget the aftermath of increased holiday buying: Increased consumer feedback!

All this extra buying means even more consumer feedback is inevitable for months after the holiday season. Continue to offer additional customer support leading into spring to help your customers get their needs addressed efficiently. Customers are expecting you to be there, regardless of your team’s size, so get proactive about staffing your business with customer service professionals that will be available when customers come calling.

But remember, your goal and your customers’ goal is the same: for the customer to be satisfied and have a pleasant experience. By preparing and providing an exceptional level of customer service, you can reduce the amount of negative feedback you receive this season and enable your team to stay ahead of the noise.