NomNomNow has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to gather customer reviews and enhance their approach to customer excellence. Below, the team at NomNomNow shares how they leverage customer reviews and a unique account management approach to improve long-term customer satisfaction.

The overwhelming majority of ConsumerAffairs and all other customer reviews for NomNomNow are glowingly positive, and there’s a very good reason for that. Beyond simply having a fantastic product, we take pride in our proactive, human approach to customer care and connection.

We make it a habit to go above and beyond to listen to our customers and use their feedback to guide the direction of our company and to make continual improvements to our service.

Great product

Great product, Fantastic customer service, my fur babies Love it. Overall one of the best companies I've had the pleasure to work with!! I refer them every chance I get!


One-On-One Attention From the Start

When you join the NomNomNow family, you are matched with an individual Account Manager who remains your single point of contact as we coach you through your pet’s important transition to our healthy fresh food. We ensure that newly subscribed pet parents have the direct line to their Account Manager from the beginning, and we let them know that they can call or text us any time with any questions or concerns, no matter how minor.

Love this company!

Very responsive and personal responses, no automated emails! My pup loves the food and I feel good about feeding it to her. I highly recommend this company!


Closing the Circle - Paying Attention to Feedback

Leaving a review for NomNomNow is about the furthest thing from shouting out into a void! Our tireless support team looks at every single review, responds, and then makes a connection between the reviewer and the Account Manager.

If a customer makes a comment about an issue with delivery, we take that seriously. Instead of responding that it is “out of our hands,” as so many companies might, we take that as a sign that we need to communicate better with wonderful providers like ConsumerAffairs and make changes to our process as necessary. Check out NomNomNow’s reviews and responses on

The top priority is always your convenience, no matter how we need to ensure that happens.

I am extremely satisfied with the…

I am extremely satisfied with the product and customer service. Recently I had a couple of issues with the delivery service, however, NomNomNow (Jasmine) promptly and efficiently responded and handled my issues. The quality of the food is excellent and my dogs love this food.


Making it Personal - Connection is Everything

Reading between the lines to know what your pet needs is important for our Account Managers. We get to know your pet and your lifestyle and we consider that when making recommendations for your pet’s diet. We go a step beyond, and we are ready to listen to you, so be sure to let us know what makes your pet tick!


Both my dog AND cat like the food much better than other services I tried. I love the customer service for their proactive attention to my pets' needs.


Follow-up is important as well, and our Account Managers routinely make calls or send short emails to check up on how our customers’ pets are doing on their new diet. We realize that life sometimes gets hectic, and a pet parent might not necessarily think to call up their dog food company to ask a minor question, so we like to actively present opportunities to hear comments and concerns from our customers on a regular basis.

We’re proud of the way we handle communication with our customers, but we are open to feedback, so please leave us a review or suggestion for how we can improve our processes at NomNomNow!