As marketing budgets expand, executives’ expectations rise. Data from the 2018 Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey shows that “57 percent of CEOs will increase their marketing budget this year,” putting pressure on marketers to produce results.

However, achieving a consistent outcome in a rapidly changing online environment is tricky, which is why it’s necessary to ensure your digital strategy keeps up with the pace. Deliver results with strategic changes to your content marketing plan and sales funnel, while optimizing your digital marketing approach.

Refresh your content marketing plan

The Content Marketing Institute determined that the most successful marketers devote “40 percent on their content marketing budget whereas the least prosperous reported only spending 14 percent.” Top indicators of an organization’s success include a high commitment level, a seasoned program, and consistent strategy documentation.

A successful content strategy uses data-based solutions to create an incredible experience. To boost ROI, you need to dig deeper into your customer’s intent and overall experience while continually providing engaging content.

Analyze your metrics. Look for clues to determine search intent, then pinpoint where your content falls short of consumer expectations.

Perform content maintenance. Marketers often overlook the importance of updating site content. Assess the quality and function of your pillar pages and linking content.

Leverage customer reviews. Find new ways to share and repurpose social proof across online platforms to get the most out of every review.

Include interactive content. Give consumers a reason to pause with closely-related interactive content. An appropriately-placed quick survey question, a short video, or a funny GIF increases time spent on the page.

Reference your CTA throughout your content. There’s no reason not to include your CTA above the fold, within an image or video, and again near the end of your content.

Optimize your marketing sales funnel

When is the last time you audited your marketing sales funnel? Often there’s a disconnect between what you think you know about your audience’s actions and what you actually know. Use data to document your buyer’s journey and highlight low-performing areas. Then, click through each step and follow your customer’s path.

  • Is there a stage of your marketing sales funnel that has a lower conversion rate than others?
  • Perhaps consumers download your eBook but never return to your site?
  • Alternatively, what about buyers who don’t leave a review after a purchase?
  • Can you leverage customer reviews to strengthen weak points in your funnel?

By personalizing content for every stage of the buying cycle and identifying any missing steps in the customer journey and beyond, you’ll improve your digital marketing campaigns. After all, each drop off symbolizes a decrease in customer experience and a disconnect in what their expectations were versus what they received.

Enhance your digital marketing strategy

According to the Gartner CMO Spend Survey, “29 percent of the total marketing budget” goes to marketing technology. As corporations invest more money into automation, professional marketers who tweak their digital strategy will be well-equipped to provide evidence of value. A successful multichannel approach increases customer satisfaction resulting in a higher conversion rate.

With Reuters reporting that “spending on digital marketing grew by 44 percent last year” more executives demand accountability and precise results. Jump on this opportunity to showcase your strategic skills by creating excellent marketing campaigns. By improving your content marketing plan and buyer journey, you’ll boost your digital marketing results and deliver the ROI that executives crave.