Although advanced technology and automation helps marketers generate high-quality leads, HubSpot reports that “63 percent of companies identify lead generation as a top marketing challenge.” With the rapid advancement of the omnichannel experience and high expectations of the consumer, sales professionals who invest in lead generation methods, from content creation to review collection, will capture more leads and increase conversion rates.

Content Creation

It’s essential to add value and enhance the user experience with a content strategy. Offering reviews, testimonials, and case studies build confidence in your brand. Lean Labs reports that they “increased qualified lead generation by 355 percent,” by merely adding a case study on their website.

However, don’t forget to create content that answers your customer’s questions. Today’s discerning web user wants relevant information that provides a solution to their problem. Business 2 Community says that “82 percent of purchasing consumers view at least five pieces of content first, from the winning company.” By creating and measuring the impact of content, you’ll pinpoint high-quality leads for further outreach.

Review Collection

Consumers aren't backing down from trusting reviews, but they do pay attention to the age of reviews and company response. Data by RevLocal demonstrates the need for a consistent review collection process with “28 percent of consumers saying that reviews had to be written in the last month to be relevant.” Testimonials and ongoing review collection assist with lead generation by providing web users with the social proof they need to trust a brand. Utilizing third-party review sites like ConsumerAffairs for Brands, adds additional credibility and trust to a brand.

Landing Page Optimization

With short attention spans and plenty of options, capturing a lead depends on optimized landing pages. Marketo found that “strategic landing pages are used by “68 percent of B2B businesses to acquire leads.” This suggests that a majority of companies understand the importance of using a landing page to generate leads.

However, optimizing a landing page requires more than a captivating image and enticing copy. Today’s consumers want a customized and convenient experience. Accomplish higher lead conversion rates by ensuring a personalized web experience, which according to the MarTech Advisor “can increase sales by 19 percent.”


Don’t discount the value of online and offline events as part of your lead generation strategy.  From Facebook Live sessions to video on LinkedIn, multiple platforms offer ways to generate high-quality leads through events. If you attend a tradeshow or event hosted by your company, then live stream the most engaging parts and reach out to those who interact with your content. Word-of-mouth and networking prove that you’re more than a brand behind a screen.

Social Media

In Entrepreneur, Neil Patel says that social media is “by far one of the best ways to have a steady stream of high-quality potential clients clicking through to your website consistently.” Social media provides multiple opportunities to connect directly to your potential customers. Follow the best practices on each platform, from LinkedIn to Facebook, for useful results. By optimizing your bio and creating lists of prospects to engage with, you’ll increase your lead generation.

A solid strategy for lead generation that includes review collection and an omnichannel approach creates a steady stream of high-quality leads. With these strategies and the new leads coming in, it is important to understand where in the buying cycle they are. Identifying leads at the various stages of the buying cycle, including bottom of the funnel (purchase-ready) leads, will get the right leads to your sales team.