Taking a critical eye to reviews about your brand is a little thing that makes a big impact.

You’ve set up a few feedback channels and you’re seeing a steady stream of reviews come in about your brand. You’re pleased to see more and more people contributing to the conversation about your brand online and have a dedicated team assigned to engage with these customers and make sure everyone has a positive interaction with your brand. You’re doing everything in your power to solve customer problems and concerns as they arise. So … you’re set, right? Not quite!

Customer reviews can provide for some powerful insight to those who look at them with a more critical eye. Don’t miss out on the next step. Here a few things to do after those reviews roll in:

Look for common threads.

To begin, it will be helpful to create some kind of logging system where you can group similar comments into categories to begin to look for trends. This will help you spot recurring themes and trouble areas more easily and keep you organized throughout the process.

Analyze customer sentiment across the various areas.

Look through the categories you created. If you’ve organized comments around features like product function, delivery, and customer service, take a single category (“delivery,” for example) and begin to look at it more critically. Are the comments mostly negative or mostly positive?

If you notice a category has a largely negative sentiment, you’ll know where changes need to be made to increase your customer satisfaction and you can begin further research into where exactly it is you’re falling short in one category or another.

At the same time, don’t get caught up in looking for the problems and forget to notice where your business is thriving. Does one category stand out in particular? This will be a great feature to highlight in your marketing messaging. Have you noticed a review from a particularly raving fan? Reach out and see if they’d be willing to do a testimonial, you can continue to nurture the relationship with the customer and increase your social proof at the same time. Win/win.

Act, act, act.

Much like a movie starring The Rock, data is nothing without action.

It’s always important to share what you’ve learned with the appropriate team members and then make decisions about what to do with the data. Follow through on them!

If you’re making actionable plans from the intel you get from your customer feedback channels, you’ll be setting yourself up for greater, long-term success.