Finova Financial, the industry’s first cloud and mobile-based consumer lending platform, recently partnered with ConsumerAffairs, becoming an accredited brand on the platform.

Citing ConsumerAffairs’ dedication to helping consumers as a core hallmark of the partnership, Finova’s CEO Gregory Keough said he knew the accreditation program was the right fit because ConsumerAffairs held similar consumer-centered values as Finova, which is dedicated to helping consumers through lower-cost alternatives to emergency loans.

Stories shared by Finova’s customers show their commitment to offering a convenient and helpful lending experience, which is why they turned to ConsumerAffairs to get help showcasing those stories to a larger audience of consumers.

Finova’s partnership and dedication to their customer voice reflects a growing trend among brands who are shifting focus to online reputation marketing.

In today’s world of user-generated content, it’s consumers who are heard the loudest, not companies. Savvy brands like Finova are using customer feedback to their advantage, to not only maintain positive relationships with existing customers but to attract new consumers, build a knowledge base of information for those looking to research purchase decisions, and promote their products and services online through their customers via reviews and testimonials.

A dedicated reputation management strategy helps to build trust and credibility. ConsumerAffairs partners with brands to help them make the most of these efforts through a dedicated review collection effort and the reputation management tools available to companies through ConsumerAffairs’ SaaS offering.

ConsumerAffairs for Brands helps partnered companies capture the voice of their customers online, and empowers them to identify brand advocates, convert detractors, repair or shape brand perception and improve the customer experience so they’re able to honestly and effectively increase the sentiment of their brand online.

By creating simple and measurable feedback channels like phone, email and in-field review collection, ConsumerAffairs helps brands capture the true sentiment of their customer voice.

Review collection is a powerful tool. While negative experiences are often blasted online without prompting, many good and even great experiences are never shared. Intentional review collection makes it easy on the brand and consumers alike, as many customers are happy to share an experience if asked, but many brands never request that direct, public-facing feedback, which results in a huge lost opportunity many brands are now recognizing.

Reputation management doesn’t just affect brand sentiment, it can drive real revenue when used as a lead generation channel. ConsumerAffairs allows brands to increase visibility in keyword searches, convert shoppers into customers and access new leads through the customizable CTAs accredited brands can place on their on-site profiles.

Through dedicated analytics, brands are able to make smarter, more informed decisions about product, personnel and service, allowing for organizational improvements at every level.

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Visit Finova Financial’s site to learn more about their offerings, or stop by their ConsumerAffairs profile to see their customer’s stories.