There are few feelings better than finally bringing your inbox to zero. If you work in marketing or customer service, then that’s a high you may never get to experience. In these positions, it seems like work really never ends.

But just because reaching “inbox zero” might be an unattainable dream, it doesn’t mean that your workload as a marketing or customer service professional has to feel overwhelming. In fact, using tactics like customer review collection to your advantage can be quite easy and help take your brand to the next level in 2019. It can also cut other tasks (like building brand reputation or acquiring new customers) in half. To make it even simpler, we’ve outlined some great strategies to help you get the most out of your customer reviews without feeling decimated by your workload.

1. Leverage your good reviews

Feature your best, unedited reviews front and center on the home page of your website. Make sure that visitors see them right away. This sort of “word of mouth” marketing will go a long way in convincing new customers to try your product without having to dump a lot of money and time into acquiring them.

2. Make it easy for customers to leave reviews

Using third-party review sites that consumers trust, like ConsumerAffairs, keeps review collection unbiased and trustworthy. Additionally, this allows for a space that other people researching your product or services to quickly and easily see brands like yours.

3. Respond to negative reviews quickly

So now you’re collecting reviews on third-party sites. Great! But that’s not the end of it. Make sure you are responding to negative reviews quickly and keeping a handle on online review sites. The longer a negative review sits unaddressed the greater the impact will be. If other customers can see that a complaint was taken seriously and handled swiftly, they are more likely they are to brush it off. Additionally, companies that regularly check third-party review sites and know what’s being said there (good or bad) manage their online reputation better than those who allow the reviews and negativity to run off the rails.

If you feel like you have no how to begin leveraging your customer reviews, don’t stress. You’re not alone. Plenty of brands have a strong desire to make those reviews work for them, but no idea where to start. Which is where ConsumerAffairs for Brands comes in!

ConsumerAffairs for Brands is the leading expert in brand, reputation and review management. If you’re interested in getting the most out of your customer reviews in 2019, schedule a free demo to see how ConsumerAffairs for Brands can help make it easy and pain-free. Gain the knowledge and tools necessary to make your company stand out above the rest, and ensure that those customer reviews work for you this year!