A colleague of mine at ConsumerAffairs.com wrote a great article explaining review collection and the impact reviews can have on building consumer trust. Reviews are a major part of the consumer decision-making processes, but it’s a challenge to find reliable consumer stories because there are so many resources available. Instead of getting lost in an onslaught of reviews with varying degrees of reliability, consumers should be able to find one source for trustworthy reviews.

Review consolidation results in reviews with fewer biases, which means they offer more reliable information. Rather than relying on reviews written by authors who favor one brand over another, review consolidation filters out the bias and corrals many reviews into one informative and reliable source. There are a three key points that highlight the benefits of review consolidation.

Multiple reviews, one source

Instead of spending hours searching multiple sites to learn more about interesting products or services, consumers can browse through brand reviews quickly and easily. Consumer searches for reviews and information yield high-ranking results when reviews are aggregated in one primary source. This efficiency means consumers will come to rely on review consolidation when they’re researching brands. Our own research at ConsumerAffairs.com backs this up, showing an increase in conversions when brands have a larger volume of reviews.

Higher quality reviews

Review consolidation reduces noise from multiple channels and offers an inside look at user experiences across a broader spectrum of customers. By reducing the number of sources a consumer has to consider, consolidation allows for higher-quality reviews curated by one recognizable and reliable source. No longer do consumers have to read through numerous sources, they can instead turn to one reputable authority to locate the feedback they are seeking.

Better customer experience

Using review consolidation through ConsumerAffairs.com, buyers are more likely to enjoy their user experience. With listings based on search results and an overall star-rating of the company or product, consumers are better informed at a glance, making for an improved user experience. Buyers guides help consumers get the knowledge needed to understand industries they’re unfamiliar with, and get insight from industry experts along with customer reviews they desire, allowing them make smart purchase decisions. This experience means users will more likely return to read reviews in the future, and to share reviews with friends.

By partnering with one source that offers unbiased review collection services, brands can ensure that consumers have access to the right resources in organic search to find brand-relevant content ranked by a leading authority. When brands partner with ConsumerAffairs.com, they are able to collect, consolidate and engage with reviews left by their customers. With reviews ranked from 1 to 5 stars, people can more easily determine the reliability of the product, making results more measurable. The real secret sauce in reviews, however, is the quality of the written content included with the star rating. Recent research conducted by our in-house data scientist revealed review content as the top focus for surveyed consumers, with star ratings running a close second.

Review consolidation is key to harnessing the feedback of the consumers that keep your business running. These bits of feedback aren’t just words on the Internet, they’re tools which help your company improve customer service and experiences. Accessing customer feedback and using the data to identify systemic issues, trends, and opportunities for product improvement gives brands a chance to make their own smart decisions to keep revenue on an upward trend.

Customers and businesses both benefit when brands utilize review consolidation. At the end of the day, in order to run a successful business, you need a successful platform to assist you with review consolidation. Our team is always looking for ways to help brands who want to learn more about incorporating reviews into marketing and customer engagement efforts. Schedule a call today to get guidance from a top industry resource!