ConsumerAffairs to Present at Dreamforce in San Francisco

Here at ConsumerAffairs we're gearing up for Dreamforce. The annual software conference hosted by Salesforce, Dreamforce is four days chock-full of marketing and sales innovation. Speakers this year include CEOs of big name brands like Youtube, IBM, and Adidas, as well as former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, but there's one speaker we're particularly excited about--our very own Katelyn West, Sales Operations Manager at ConsumerAffairs.

Katelyn will take the stage alongside Esther Flammer, VP of Demand Generation at Conga, and Salesforce Director Cindy Tyeskey-Gage to co-host a session on Account-Based Marketing: Myths and Reality.

An Interview with Dreamforce Session Host Katelyn West

I had the opportunity to sit down with Katelyn this week to discuss her session, what attendees can look forward to, and what she's most excited about at Dreamforce.

Carrie Gardenhire: Katelyn, can you tell us a little more about what you're speaking about at Dreamforce?

Katelyn West: The session is all about how to implement and maximize an Account-Based Marketing strategy. Account-Based Marketing is hot, but what we've really seen is that, despite the "trendiness" of ABM, few companies know how to truly take advantage of it to deliver real ROI. The session dives into building a robust ABM strategy, how we select target accounts and execute personalized campaigns that drive pipe, and, maybe most importantly, how to measure, refine, and improve that strategy so you're always evolving and growing.

CG: How have you and your team leveraged ABM at ConsumerAffairs?

KW: The idea of switching from a prospect (lead) based model to a company (account) based model can be a daunting task for any one person, department, or company. ConsumerAffairs was lucky in the fact that we built our sales structure around an account-based model before it was the new industry trend. At the time our sales team was created, we did not have a lead generation team, although we knew our general target audience (companies). We built our database around those target companies, imploring our sales team to reach out to the company as a whole by, addressing their specific company needs.

CG: What are you most excited about for Dreamforce?

KW: Our mission at ConsumerAffairs is to help consumers and brands make smart decisions. To attend a conference like this is a great opportunity to both keep up to date on industry best practices (learning from some of the best in the business), as well as connect with individuals to learn how we can better serve them through our product offerings. Any time we can meet with our audience face-to-face, we love it!

Dreamforce takes place November 6-9 in San Francisco, Katelyn's session on ABM is Tuesday, November 7th at 1pm.

Attending the conference? We'd love to meet up. Connect with me on LinkedIn to set up a time.