Here at ConsumerAffairs we're gearing up for LeadsCon Las Vegas. Last fall in New York, our COO, Eric Jenkins, presented One Weird Trick for Closing Leads, and this time our CEO, Zac Carman will be taking over the reigns, hosting a session that will dive into the latest research on why leads convert.

Based on an internal study that examined how online reviews impact consumer purchase decisions, the session will expand on ...

  • What scenarios motivate consumers to consult customer reviews
  • At what point in the evaluation of a product reviews are consulted
  • What consumers consider to be the most trustworthy sources for reviews
  • How content and context of reviews impact consumer opinions

Consumers are individuals, and they enter the buyer’s journey with different emotional, psychological, and behavioral biases and predispositions. But what factors do good leads have in common? Zac will dive into the top takeaways from our research, evaluating the factors that define a high-quality lead, what it is that makes those leads ultimately convert and the latest data on when and how shoppers use online reviews to make purchasing decisions.

Attendees will learn about integrating reputation marketing with sales for data-driven lead generation and walk away with updated, data-based best practices to help their company leverage reputation marketing to attract and convert the right people at the right time.

Join us at LeadsCon:

Session: Why Leads Convert: Research on High Quality Conversions
When: 10:50am on Wednesday, March 7th
Where: Champagne Room 3 & 4

For more information, check out Zac and the LeadsCon program.