What an incredible week in sunny San Diego! The Paradise Point Resort was the perfect venue for Unleash 2018. More than 40 sales leaders from around the world were invited to speak at Unleash this year. The Outreach team invited me to join a panel of speakers for a session called, “Process and Technology: Turn Sales and Marketing Finger Pointing into Fist Bumps,” where I sat alongside an impressive team of marketers.

Sales and Marketing shared accountability

The conflict between sales and marketing is relatable for most organizations but never seems to fully resolve. In fact, the questions we covered during our breakout session all revolved around this conflict. How do you align sales and marketing once and for all? Who should own messaging? Who should own your software and processes? Depending on who you ask, the answer may vary.

At ConsumerAffairs, we talk a lot about making data-driven decisions. Taking time to look at data reveals insights that might otherwise be missed. If you think your email template is better, you must prove it with data. If you are at a crossroads, use data to make the decision. At ConsumerAffairs, we use Outreach to help us gather the right data and make those important data-driven decisions.

Use data to solve the conflict between your Sales and Marketing team

Test their email templates, subject lines, and outreach cadence against one another and let their numbers do the talking. Stop wasting time disagreeing about who owns what. Unite efforts and spend time focusing on what really matters… results!

ConsumerAffairs.com offers free buying guides for consumers that cover hundreds of products and services ranging from auto insurance to ancestry websites. My team is devoted to sharing these valuable resources with the public. A subject line that works well for promoting one guide will not always work for the other. We are constantly adding A/B tests to our subject lines throughout all our sequences. We A/B test 50 prospects and go with the higher performing version, and then we test the email body. We test until we find what works best for whichever niche we are reaching out to.

The biggest data-driven learning for us in Outreach was testing our longer email pitch against a quick intro email that was only a third of the length. The short email performed higher than anything else we’ve tested against it!

We are always doing some type of testing. What works today may not work tomorrow, and we make this testing quick and efficient by utilizing the data and reporting available in Outreach. Keep testing everything, and if your team suggests a few changes, don’t let pride or politics get in the way. Numbers always win–always!

Implementing an email and workflow platform, like Outreach, is an excellent way to track success and improve overall productivity. And as we’ve learned it is also a great way to align Sales and Marketing when the argument is who owns what. Let the metrics do the talking when it comes to messaging.

We want to extend a big thank you to everyone who attended the Marketing Panel. We are looking forward to connecting and learning at Unleash again next year.