We saw a lot of innovations in home tech on Day 3 of CES 2017. The big stories for us were pillows, solar panels, massage chairs and water heaters.


The ZEEQ smart pillow has built in speakers and microphone to allow users to listen to music while they fall asleep and nudge them gently awake when they snore. It’s integrated with Amazon Alexa and can be connected to other home devices to be used app free. The pillows costs $249 each.

Zeeq Smart Pillow

Solar panels

Solpad’s portable solar panels are revolutionizing the solar industry. Systems engineer Jeff Urban told us “there hasn’t been a connection between smart home automation and solar power before.” In addition to smart home automation capability, the panels allow condo and apartment residents to use solar energy, which hasn’t been available before, as co-founder Greg Travis explained to us. These solar panels cost $1399 each, with pre-orders available May 3.


Massage chairs

Massage chairs are big in 2017, with some key players emerging in the market. Korea’s Bodyfriend chair with built in speakers and full-body massage capabilities is coming to the US in 2017, with over 100 retail stores scheduled to open. The first opening will happen in April in California, and the company will have stores open on both US coasts by the end of 2017.

The Qi chair from Cozzia gives a fully customized massage. Users spend three minutes being scanned in the chair to recognize tension spots on the back and neck. The resulting massage focuses specifically on areas of tension, delivering the first customizable experience on the massage chair market. These luxury massage chairs are available for purchase from retailers like Brookstone and Mattress Firm at a cost of $12,999.


Water heaters

The LaDouche water heater from the French company Solable is a 2017 Innovation Award honoree. It’s the first thermocyclic water heater, and its technology allows for the instant heating of shower water. What caught our eye was its uniquely compact design. It’s designed as a towel holder and can hang directly in the bathroom, without the need for a tank. The LaDoche is currently under patent with plans to equip millions of houses and hotels in Europe and the US by 2022.

Today is the last day of CES, so we’re going to head back to the main convention hall and wrap up. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @ConsumerInsider to see what we find!