For us, Day 2 was all about startups and innovators. We headed to Tech West to find Innovation Award winners and startups from around the world.

Baby tech has some awesome stuff coming out this year, specifically for nursing moms. Notable breast pumps to look for are:

· The Naya smart breast pump: This hospital-grade smart breast pump prioritizes comfort, which can lead to better letdown. Moms can use the connected app to track pumping sessions and milk supply. The product launched 4 weeks ago and is available direct to consumers. The price is around $1,000, comparable to other hospital-grade breast pumps.

· The Willow hands-free breast pump: This breast pump is completely hands-free and mobile. It uses internal bags instead of bottles to collect milk, and moms can track their milk supply and pumping sessions on the app. It will be available by Spring 2017 with a price point comparable to other premium breast pumps on the market.


Startups in Tech West presented innovations from around the world. We were particularly impressed by how many French startups were showing. Our favorite product was the Lovebox, which was released in France for the 2016 holiday season. This fun and thoughtful gift allows the gift giver to send love messages to the receiver’s Lovebox from anywhere around the world using an app on their smartphone.

3D printing had a big showing for startups, from 3D pens (already on the market in the US) to fully-functional 3D-printed violins.

3D Varius

Today we’re heading back to Tech West to wrap up and then hitting the Convention Hall. Follow us on Twitter @ConsumerInsider to keep up with all the cool stuff we find today!