ConsumerAffairs has descended upon Las Vegas for CES 2017. We’re looking for the latest technology trends and innovations in consumer electronics.

Day 1 was dedicated to the main convention hall. We saw some of the biggest names in technology, including Sony, Samsung, Canon, Polaroid, Panasonic and Nikon. We also saw several innovations that are available exclusively in China from companies like Hisense and Changhong.

Here are the coolest things we saw on day 1:

· Smart kitchen from Panasonic, including a dining table that cooks food like a microwave and a smart wine and sake cooler that can give recipe recommendations based on the food already in your fridge.

· Diet Sensor integration into a phone by Changhong, which will be available next year in China

· Samsung’s induction stovetop, which only heats pots and pans, leaving the stove top cool during and after cooking

· Panasonic’s smart desk, which recognizes devices when they are placed on it to charge them and sync them to the cloud. It also can keep your drinks warm, which is a feature currently available in Panasonic’s automated kitchen. While much of the technology is available already, the actual table is still a prototype and has a good 3–5 years before it hits the market

· eyeLock’s retina scanner, which is already being used in places like banks and select airports. Commercial retina scanners will be coming within a year, adding an additional layer of protection for identity authentication.

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