Collecting customer reviews can help boost your search engine ranking and build trust among consumers.

We know that search engines like reviews, but a successful review-centered SEO strategy is about more than just collecting a handful of 5-star ratings. According to Moz’s 2015 Local Search Ranking Factors Report, items like quantity, velocity and diversity of your brand’s reviews all play a part in your SERP ranking results.

Ok, so you need more reviews. Got it. Check. You’ll make a short-term concentrated effort to build that number up and be set for a while, right? Unfortunately, no. Getting one big dump of reviews all at once isn’t good enough to make a lasting impact. Review velocity refers to the speed at which reviews come in about your brand and search engines seem to place higher value on brands that get a consistent, steady stream of customer feedback. Having a bunch of reviews pile up in short succession may look fishy to Google and other search engines.

Success in this area boils down to maintaining that steady flow of engaged users so you have both the quantity of posts and quality of content that the search engine crawlers are seeking.

Ready to start getting reviews more consistently? Here’s a checklist to follow to get the feedback flowing:

✓ Email

Review collection via email is a popular tool, and the one that will likely be the easiest on your customers. Having a clickable link right in front of them makes it simple for the reader to take action right away.

✓ Phone

Phone surveys often have a higher conversion rate because they allow you to connect with your customers directly in the moment, which can be a great alternative to sending an email out into the great wide unknown and hoping for the best or having to combat low open rates. Phone review collection services, like those offered by ConsumerAffairs, can take the task load off your team while allowing your quality review count to continue to rise.

✓ Social media

While social signals may not be a direct factor for SEO ranking, it is a place where you can reach a large (and often more engaged) sector of your audience all at once. Posting an occasional CTA for your customers to tell you about their experience with a link to a trusted third-party review site can be a good supplemental collection tactic for brands with a large social following.

✓ In-person

For brick-and-mortar businesses, having signage in-store, printed on receipts or simply having a sales team member give a verbal reminder, encouraging the customer to leave feedback online after their transaction can help to reinforce your review collection efforts.

✓ Your website

Hosting reviews directly on your website via a widget allows you to put your company’s reviews front and center, keeping them top of mind for your visitors. This method is a win/win, not only will there be a clear and easily-accessible CTA for your existing customers, but hosting the content directly on your website is a great resource for researching consumers that can help turn leads into new customers more quickly. Even something as simple as a well-placed “tell us what you think!” button may help in driving more traffic to your review channel of choice.

✓ Keep in touch

Don’t forget to follow-up! Having multiple touch-points can increase your conversion rates exponentially.