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Case Study: Bay Alarm Medical

Posted by ConsumerAffairs on Apr 27, 2018 10:35:43 AM


Medical alert monitoring service brand Bay Alarm medical sees continued growth year over year by focusing on building and maintaining their brand reputation and earning trust with customers via their ConsumerAffairs profile page.

About Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical provides affordable 24/7 medical alert 
monitoring for seniors and anyone at high risk for falls.

Quick Stats

  • Partnered with ConsumerAffairs in 2011
  • 2000+ customer reviews on
  • Average 4.6 star rating among customers


Providing support for an emotionally invested customer base

Bay Alarm Medical’s service is designed for anyone who has a history of falls or suffers from a medical condition that could cause them to fall, faint or lose consciousness, but the user base is primarily comprised of senior citizens. A large majority of those making the purchase decision are the adult children or caregivers of these individuals and there is an understandably strong emotional component to the decision. 


"We try our very best to interact with our customers with the utmost patience and empathy. Most of the time we are helping people that have either recently been through something very traumatic or are worried about their loved one."

Gjenes Balamide, Kayla Carlson, and Alan Wu
Marketing, Bay Alarm Medical


Customer consultation is key to satisfaction

With a medical alert system being such an imperative decision for consumers, communication is key to ensuring users are getting the best product to suit their needs. Bay Alarm Medical takes a very hands-on approach to customer service. Customer care representatives spend time with each decision maker and user early in the process to provide consultation to ensure the customer is getting everything they need and that their loved one is protected.


Challenge: Selling piece of mind

When there is more than just a financial investment at stake, but also an emotional investment, customers must feel confident in the trustworthiness of the service they’re enlisting for their loved ones or themselves. 


Solution: Credibility through referrals and reviews 

Customer reviews prove to be incredibly important for brand’s like Bay Alarm Medical, who operate in an industry where no one thinks about it until they need a system. When you’re trying to rise above the noise in a crowded marketplace, making sure existing customers receive the best possible service is critical to being able to stand out from the herd. With the ability to collect reviews and provide direct support to customers who share feedback on ConsumerAffairs, Bay Alarm Medical has access to a wealth of online referrals for consumers seeking a medical alert service.


"Customers will often tell our representatives over the phone that they heard about us and wanted to learn more because of the good reviews. The reviews give us more credibility and trust."


Gjenes Balamide, Kayla Carlson, and Alan Wu
Marketing, Bay Alarm Medical

Success: Building reputation and earning trust


Visibility on the ConsumerAffairs platform gives Bay Alarm Medical a distinct advantage in organic search. Customer stories provide the social proof to back up their marketing message.


Improving every stage of the buying cycle and beyond


Collecting customer feedback also provides invaluable data for decision making, providing a sense of what’s truly important to customers and allowing Bay Alarm Medical to better serve their users.


Real stories drive real results

Customers typically learn about Bay Alarm Medical’s services through referrals. Whether it’s a doctor, a friend or family member. Their dedicated care representatives work hard to provide the best service to their customers and hope they’ll in turn share their positive experience with their loved ones. Turning that effort online through review collection allows Bay Alarm Medical to grow that groundswell effort exponentially. The thousands of customer reviews shared on ConsumerAffairs help more consumers make informed decisions.


"The more reviews we get, and the more  we show our customers that we’re quick to respond to their compliments as well as their problems, the more reputation, credibility and trust we’re able to build. It directly correlates with our exponential growth year over year."

Gjenes Balamide, Kayla Carlson, and Alan Wu
Marketing, Bay Alarm Medical


Leading with empathy and understanding increases satisfaction

When a consumer calls Bay Alarm Medical for more information, they won’t have a pushy sales rep on the other end of the phone. Instead, each rep is trained to listen, take their time with each customer and truly understand their needs so they can recommend the right products for the individual. This intentional process leads to greater customer satisfaction, and is clearly reflected in the customer feedback posted on ConsumerAffairs with comments on customer service at every stage, from the buying process to tech support to the ever-crucial emergency call and response.


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