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Case Study: Bay Alarm Medical

Posted by ConsumerAffairs on Apr 27, 2018 10:35:43 AM

Medical alert monitoring service brand Bay Alarm medical sees continued growth year over year by focusing on building and maintaining their brand reputation and earning trust with customers via their ConsumerAffairs profile page.


Providing support for an emotionally invested customer base

Bay Alarm Medical’s service is designed for anyone who has a history of falls or suffers from a medical condition that could cause them to fall, faint or lose consciousness, but the user base is primarily comprised of senior citizens. A large majority of those making the purchase decision are the adult children or caregivers of these individuals and there is an understandably strong emotional component to the decision.  

Challenge: Selling piece of mind

When there is more than just a financial investment at stake, but also an emotional investment, customers must feel confident in the trustworthiness of the service they’re enlisting for their loved ones or themselves. 


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