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Case Study: Answer 1

Posted by ConsumerAffairs on Mar 1, 2018 12:00:00 AM


Without the luxury of a one-size-fits-all product, virtual receptionist company Answer 1 tackles customer service and marketing with a uniquely diversified target audience. By partnering with ConsumerAffairs, Answer 1 was able to connect with consumers further down the sales cycle, making it one of the most profitable marketing channels for the company.

About Answer 1

Answer 1 provides expertly trained virtual receptionist and technology-enabled answering services for companies of all sizes.

Quick Stats

  • Partnered with ConsumerAffairs in 2015
  • 80 customer reviews on ConsumerAffairs
  • Average 4.8 star rating among customers


Problem: Providing Support in the Digital(lly Dependent) Age

As the business world continues to shift toward more digital-focused service offerings, companies wanting to stay ahead of the curve continue to increase their dependency on technological integration at all levels. Answer 1 knows it is important for answering services to shift along with the times. Virtual receptionist services, like those offered by Answer 1, answer that call for a more integrated, digital solution, leaving the traditional answering services of ol' to fall by the wayside in favor of advanced service offerings like scheduling, on-demand bilingual translation, order taking, help desk support, email and text monitoring, online chat, and CRM data entry to name a few. 


"Our service is second to none. As a virtual receptionist service, our entire business is customer service focused, since that’s what we are providing the customers of our clients. We understand the importance of our clients success and bottom line, as well as our own."

Parker Davis | CEO, Answer 1


Answer 1 provides support to businesses great and small, in industries representing all corners of the economy. With such a diversified target audience, Answer 1 doesn’t have the luxury of a one-size-fits-all product. Each customer presents a new, unique need.


Goals: Customization is Key with a Varied Client Base


Answer 1’s goal is to act as an extension of their clients’ businesses, and with such a wide-reaching customer base, representing small and large businesses alike in many different industries, this means Answer 1 must adapt to provide a custom service offering to best suit the need of each client. With their varied service offering, one that ranges from simple call answering all the way to tier 1 IT support, Answer 1 is able to answer that call for customization and serve each of their clients in a way that’s unique to their need.


"Our business development executives work with clients to determine the right service plan for their business needs. Essentially we are creating a custom offering for each one of our clients to ensure that all of their needs are met."

Parker Davis | CEO, Answer 1


Superior Customer Experience Through Collaboration

During the initial set-up, Answer 1 works with clients on the basics, like answering scripts and how to handle messages. After on-boarding, a client success manager will work with the client for another 60 days, sending weekly usage reports that offer greater insight into the account's performance. This allows Answer 1 to dive deeper into the account, make suggestions, and ensure they're having a positive impact on each client's business. 


Solution: Answer 1 Builds Authority and Trust with ConsumerAffairs


Armed with a detailed knowledge base filled with the real life experiences that are shared through verified customer reviews, leads that filter through a trusted third-party review site like ConsumerAffairs are more informed. This information not only enables consumers to make smart decisions, but provides Answer 1 more leads that are further along in the sales funnel. This proves to be of great advantage to Answer 1, whose customer representatives are able to have better, more valuable initial conversations with prospective customers interested in their services.


"ConsumerAffairs has made a significant impact on our business. The potential clients that come to us via our ConsumerAffairs profile page are further along in the sales cycle and are well informed which has led to a substantial amount of new business. It has also turned out to be one of our most profitable paid marketing channels, as we convert from lead to custom at nearly 25%"

Parker Davis | CEO, Answer 1


Success: Attracting New Business

As an early adopter, Answer 1 has been able to grow with 
ConsumerAffairs, a partnership that has lead to a clear and significant increase in business. 
Visibility on the ConsumerAffairs platform gives Answer 1 a distinct advantage in organic search. Customer stories provide the social proof to back up their marketing message.


The call-to-action style offer on Answer 1’s accredited brand profile page plays a large role in the increase in leads the company has seen since partnering with ConsumerAffairs. Further, the increase in not just leads, but informed leads, has also shown significant impact on conversion rates.



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