Gaining the trust of wary consumers and maintaining a stellar customer experience isn’t easy. A study by SurveyMonkey shows that “about half of consumers have never bought something because of an advertisement.” This data suggests that buyers value personal opinions and social proof over blatant digital marketing promotions. However, engaging your audience in thoughtful ways requires more than a successful strategy—you must humanize your brand throughout the customer journey.

Businesses naturally increase customer experience levels through positive and personalized internal communications. By shifting your workplace culture towards a customer-centric approach, you’ll help team members emphasize with your client’s specific pain points.

At the C3 Conference, Todd Friesen, Director of Digital Strategy and SEO at Salesforce said, “For your digital strategy, it's not your budgets, technology, org structure or headcount. It's your people that determine your success.” By personalizing your internal communications and nurturing your workplace culture you set a solid base for better customer service and communications. Happy employees set the tone in the customer journey and provide a more meaningful experience.

Add a personal touch for enhanced customer experience

With the rise of AI, consumers are adapting to responsive media and content. Which means if you’re still delivering mass emails or promoting your content without a clear understanding of your audience, then chances are your content isn’t getting seen. Thriving brands embrace two-way conversation as part of their digital marketing strategy and internal communications plan.

  • Deliver tailored, personalized messages that show customers that they’re more than a transaction

Personalize in-house communications to specific departments and team members

Add relevant calls-to-action that encourage customers to reply

By humanizing your internal and external messaging, you’ll place greater importance on genuine care in a digital world. In return, this goodwill filters into each customer encounter.

Focus on the overall customer journey

Marketers who miss the big picture don't connect with customers. Help your team visualize your customer’s needs by creating a responsive and positive workplace. Team members who associate positively with their workplace create and implement a better customer journey.

When your staff values your mission and derives happiness from purpose, then they’re more productive. Plus, employees who are brand ambassadors comprehend how your product and services help others. This personal story comes out in their creative digital marketing campaigns which center on the customer experience.

Use storytelling in your digital marketing

The most significant way to humanize your brand is through using storytelling in your digital marketing strategy. Katie Sobel, VP of Brand Engagement and Marketing Communications at Plum Organics, tells Forbes that “we’re always showcasing the stories of real parents on our team as part of our external marketing and strategy.”

By encouraging staff to engage with team members at all levels, you’ll add to your storytelling repertoire and have more content for campaigns focused on real customer experience as told by both employees and customers. Consumers want a deeper connection to a purpose. Sharing your story across digital platforms and incorporating it into your online marketing strategy can increase customer satisfaction.

Stay connected and improve your customer experience by adding a personal touch to your internal and external communications.