Embracing the online world brings a lot of pluses for businesses today. For one, it’s easier to connect with consumers and get them to share their thoughts after purchase or experience. Quality reviews are beneficial for both companies and consumers. They help attract new customers, boost brand reputation and reward good customer service. Getting quality reviews can also be beneficial for your SEO efforts and lead generation. In this guide, we’ll go over how a quality review collection strategy can help your team.

Attracts New Customers

Quality reviews are great for generating leads and attracting new customers. SEO business listings, like Google My Business, place reviews right on the front page of search results. The experts at Hubspot explain: “In order for businesses to grow in today's competitive, online-first marketplace, they need happy customers sharing positive reviews of their experiences in order to even get visitors coming to their site for the first time.” When collecting reviews, give customers time to reflect on their experience and ask specific questions to get quality feedback. You want consumers to give thorough and detailed thoughts about your products and services for future prospects. For example, three months after a customer’s purchase can allow for enough time to try the product and share a positive review.

Boosts Brand Reputation

Consumers value online reviews. In fact, “31% of customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews.” (Sendmode) With review collections, you can increase your brand’s visibility and reputation. When customers see others interacting with your business and providing confident opinions, it gives them peace of mind. Online reviews can also double as word-of-mouth since the thoughts and opinions shared are coming directly from consumers. Review collection is incredibly effective when used on websites as well. Search engines will pick up on key terms and phrases, boosting traffic to your brand’s site. The credibility and trustworthiness of your brand rise the more customers respond.

Rewards Good Customer Service

As your credibility and trustworthiness grow, customers begin to associate positive feelings with your brand. A tailored customer service experience can also create this for your buyer. Good customer service is rewarded when customers feel cared for and nurtured, making them want to come back. Throughout the buyer’s journey, find ways to encourage and promote a positive customer experience. Moz, for example, suggests asking for a review when customers share their email or encouraging audience participation through social surveys. “Use social media to ask specific questions about a particular facet of your business, directing followers to respond by leaving a review on their choice of 2-3 platforms.” Utilizing these personal touches in your review collection efforts builds connection, improving reputation and reach.

The internet provides plenty of ways for successful review collection. Using search engines for reviews can help attract new customers. As customers learn about your brand, review collection builds trust and boosts credibility. Creating interactive surveys on social media can also aid your customer service team. The more positive and detailed feedback your business can share online, the more customers can get to know you and your products and services.