Consumer Affairs accredited brand Bay Alarm Medical sees continual growth year after year by focusing on building and maintaining their brand reputation and earning trust, a tricky feat when your product has a strong emotional component.

Bay Alarm Medical’s medical alert monitoring service serves a majority population of senior citizens, and many of the customers the company interacts with are the children or caregivers of these individuals. This makes each purchase more than a simple sale, and adds an understandably emotional component to each purchase made at Bay Alarm Medical.

"We try our very best to interact with our customers with the utmost patience and empathy," explained Alan Wu, Director of Marketing at Bay Alarm Medical. "Most of th etime we're heling people who have either recently been through something very traumatic or are worried about their loved one."

Bay Alarm Medical’s marketing team knew the key to growing their customer base would be investing in their reputation marketing efforts.

"Customers will often tell our representatives over the phone they hearda bout us and wanted to learn more because of the good reviews," said Wu.

Not surprising, considering the modern consumer is a research-minded individual and most turn to the Internet in search of a solution to whatever need they’re looking to fill.

Companies like Bay Alarm Medical and others whose product or service revolves around, quite literally, a life changing or saving offering, are allocating a bigger piece of the marketing pie toward reputation marketing, empowering their customer voice to carry their marketing message and showcase their dedication to customer service.

The investment in reputation management is paying off for Bay Alarm Medical, who knows the importance of investing time in responding to both positive and negative feedback online. Wu and fellow marketing team members Gjenes Belamide and Kayla Carlson say they can directly correlate the exponential growth year over year that Bay Alarm Medical has enjoyed since partnering with ConsumerAffairs in 2011 to the dedication to reputation management that increases brand credibility and builds trust among consumers.

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