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Customer Retention, Customer Engagement

What drives one business to succeed over another? Some would say “sales” because financial success is often tied to business success. But, this overlooks one important piece: customer engagement. ...

Review Collection

Review collection is an important part of customer service, business marketing, and customer retention and we can’t stop asking for more. Here are 5 reasons why we just can’t stop review collecting:

Marketing, Content Marketing

As marketing budgets expand, executives’ expectations rise. Data from the 2018 Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey shows that “57 percent of CEOs will increase their marketing budget ...

Review Collection

We live in a business-world dependent on online reviews. Not only is it rare to come across a business or product lacking in online reviews, but these brief tidbits of information have become so ...

Sales, Customer Reviews

Why customer reviews are important

Marketing, Review Collection

The majority of consumers read reviews before ever clicking over to your website, which makes review collection essential for every company. However, you’ll find that reviews benefit your business at ...

Customer Service

The customer is always right. Would you agree? Being on the front lines of customer service is a huge responsibility. When you’re exposed to a wide range of emotions it can be difficult to keep a ...

Customer Reviews

There’s no arguing that the internet has changed the world. It alters people’s lives in both minuscule and major ways, affecting how we connect with our loved ones and how we complete our business. ...

Lead Generation, Sales

As marketing and sales professionals, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the five-minute lead response time from a Harvard Business Review study. Since 2011, many businesses replicated this survey in ...