Contributed by Steven Cooley, AVP of Digital Marketing, Finance of America Reverse, a ConsumerAffairs accredited brand.

There is something very gratifying about being right. We spend our whole lives accumulating little bits of knowledge, facts, and information that shape our character, opinions, and decisions. We stand on it.

We teach it to our children. We live by it. It’s how we survive. It gets embedded into our ego, and develops our self-esteem. It affects our judgement. Often times, being right isn’t enough. It tends to be more gratifying to prove someone wrong. We must get our point across to help them see it our way.

We’re right. We know it. We feel it. We’re in constant debate about right and wrong, good and bad, and the best and worst. Being right, or feeling right, is almost more important than being factually accurate.

I like being wrong sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love being right, but being wrong doesn’t ruin my day like it used to. I can’t think of a time when I was wrong that didn’t provide me an opportunity to learn something new. I have found my ability to learn is directly correlated by my ability to have an open mind. We all have these inter-personal absolute truths. The things we believe are non-negotiable.

Isn’t that when the good stuff happens? The light bulb appears over head and we feel our mind has been blown. Am I willing to have an open mind and at least consider the possibility that even my deepest convictions might not be 100% accurate?

We work with hundreds of people every month that are interested in a reverse mortgage. The majority of our engagement is helping seniors understand how a reverse mortgage will impact their retirement and family. We take pride and responsibility in providing relevant information and education to our consumers. There are tons of resources available online, on social media, and through friends and family. However, opportunities are often lost because of an inability to have an open mind and consider the possibly that what they believe to be true about reverse mortgages…is wrong.

This product has been around for almost 30 years in America. 30 years is a long time to develop opinions, and an understanding of what a reverse mortgage might or might not be. Reverse mortgages have gone through many changes and variations since the time it was introduced to the public. We know you’re smart. We respect your knowledge and wisdom. We would ask that you read the experiences from past customers on our ConsumerAffair’s listing. Maybe one of those experiences is relatable to your own. We don’t believe that this product is for everyone. However, we do believe that this product is under-utilized among seniors. Are you willing to have an open mind and consider the possibility that a reverse mortgage might be right for you? Finance of America Reverse LLC is excited to provide you with an opportunity to have a new experience. You never know, maybe a light bulb appears over your head.

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