“Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company! It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back,” Connie Elder, CEO, and Founder of Peak 10 Skin says.

In layman terms? The customer is always right. It’s an old but true adage that has underlined just about every industry since the onset of business. Are you losing customers to oversights in your customer service?

Why Online Reputation Management Is Important

Content Marketing specialist, Neil Patel, shares notable incidents where well-known brands, such as Nestlé, were at the helm of their customer service teams. “Nestlé received negative comments about their environmental practices a few years ago, and they did not address them. People started becoming aggressive and posted altered versions of the Nestlé logo, forcing the company to close their public page.” Neil explains.

While this is an extreme example, it’s clear to see the effects poor customer service can have on a brand’s reputation. There’s a way to manage your online reputation before these moments even occur.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Creating a positive customer experience is the key to ensuring you’re not losing customers to the competition. With small shifts in how you deal with and interact with customers, you can create relationships that focus on adding true value.

Some of the reasons why companies begin to lose customers are because they sweep their customers’ concerns under the table, take a defensive stance against negative feedback or get comfortable in old patterns. Breaking out of these habits can lead to greater success and opportunity.

Take Customer Requests Into Consideration to Delight Them

The first step is to listen to customers. Online reviews are everywhere – from ConsumerAffairs to Facebook to Amazon. Stay aware of what previous clients are saying about your brand. Starbucks has done an exceptional job of satisfying their customers – they’ve found small ways to create pleasant customer experiences after every purchase is made. Their location designs are a testament to this. Starbucks has made their coffee shops pleasant for their clientele to do work, take meetings and even socialize.

How can you infuse this nugget into your business? Find ways to delight. Take into consideration what customers are sharing both about you and your competitors and see where you can make the shift.

Create the Online Reputation You Desire

While avoiding negative reviews are a business owner’s dream, these bumps in the road can actually be shining moments if managed well. Social Media Examiner suggests deciding what you’d like your reputation to be ahead of time and then planning content, backlinks and even news sources around this image.

Instead of avoiding negative reviews or feedback, actively manage what is being shared to address these blind spots. Nestlé’s example shows us that instead of avoiding criticism, businesses can do a better job of addressing them directly – to customers, it shows a willingness to improve and be of service. Challenging feedback can provide a wonderful opportunity for brands to edge out the competition with thoughtful practices and improved service.

Go Above and Beyond for Your Customers

“Sometimes it’s beneficial to set up a time to chat on the phone to resolve the issue,” Huffpost explains. Crafting a strong brand perception can at times come down to finding new ways to tend to your customer’s concerns. While personally addressing every issue is not possible, it can prove beneficial to take the extra time to remedy any oversights in customer service.

Earbud companies, for example, know this well. Make note of the regular use of products and services to help customers avoid issues. It’s a small detail though one that will persuade a chronic earbud user to develop brand loyalty.

Creating Return Customers

Oversights in customer service can cause challenges in customer retention. To go from losing customers to creating return customers, begin with an analysis of your customer service. Then see what your customers are sharing online to incorporate these changes into your business. Use your own power to shape your business narrative and create the reputation you desire. And don’t be afraid to go the extra mile for your clients.

You’ll find these proactive changes to your strategy will create dazzling results and even prompt customers from the competition to come to you!