Review collection is an important part of customer service, business marketing, and customer retention and we can’t stop asking for more. Here are 5 reasons why we just can’t stop review collecting:

1. Review Collection Improves Business Reputation

The vast majority of consumers today trust the opinions of other customers. In fact, research shows that consumers trust online reviews nearly as much as they trust the opinion of their friends. 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they do a personal recommendation. Online reviews that are worded well, thorough, personal and detailed carry a lot of weight, making review collection a highly important part of business operations.

A long line of supportive, four and five-star reviews will work wonders at improving a business’s reputation. On the other hand, one-star reviews can also impact business reputation--this time, negatively. While it’s true that a bad review could damage business reputation, it’s also an opportunity to excel in customer service and portray another good side of your business ethics.

For example, when a reviewer says something negative about your business, product, or team, it’s an opportunity to make a public reply, apology, and gesture of goodwill. Not only can this result in the customer changing their bad review, but it allows other customers to see what kind of customer service you’re dedicated to offering.

2. It Helps You Understand Your Customers Better--Which Helps Customer Retention

It’s easy to see customers as just numbers on a balance sheet, characters driving sales or nameless bodies making your business look popular (or unpopular). But customers are more than that, and review collection helps you to see that clearly.

In order to retain customers, you must be able to see them as real people. Every review left about a business was placed there by a real person with a real life story who felt it necessary to leave a note. What they put there--good or bad--is usually their honest opinion. It might be a question, statement, or suggestion for improvement. It might be fair, it might be unfair. No matter the case, review collection helps business leaders understand who their customers are, what they want, and how to treat them better.

3. Review Collection Encourages Good Customer Service, Business Ethics, & More

Accountability is an important part of good business, and customer reviews provide precisely that. Customers and their freedom of speech encourage good customer service, good business ethics, quality products, reasonable prices, and more, just by the personal nature and sheer honesty involved in the review process.

Customer reviews encourage each team member to perform optimally, since they know exactly what customers are saying about them or their department. Reviews help business leaders know if they’re doing their job well, what product is a favorite, what aspects of the business are disliked, and so much more. Public reviews provide the precise type of accountability a business needs to improve. It helps them stay on their best behavior and let fewer mistakes slip.

4. Review Collection Highlights Business Strengths and Weaknesses

Just as review collection provides accountability, it also provides clarity. It’s easy to get lost in thinking your business reputation is just fine. It’s easy to lose sight of goals, plans, strengths, and weaknesses. Review collection, however, helps clarify the situation. Since online reviews from real customers tend to be nothing less than honest, the feedback a business receives are honest suggestions for improvement or clear encouragement for what they’re doing well.

Pay attention to the characteristics online reviews highlight as strengths, as well as the situations they present as weaknesses. Respond to the reviews and actually consider them in your business planning.

5. Review Collection Increases Sales!

Studies suggest that 99 percent of consumers use online reviews at some point in the purchase process. Additionally, 86 percent of consumers report reading reviews for local businesses, and 50 percent of 18-34 year-olds claim to always read online reviews, before a purchase. Not only that, but positive reviews encourage 73 percent of customers to trust a business more and 68 percent of consumers to use a business. That means that positive reviews are capable of increasing your sales!

In conclusion, review collection is well worth your time and effort. Not only can positive reviews help you bring in more customers and make more sales, but negative reviews can be used as a platform to publicly show your customer service values. In this internet age, online reviews have a huge impact on your business reputation, customer retention, and more!