The majority of consumers read reviews before ever clicking over to your website, which makes review collection essential for every company. However, you’ll find that reviews benefit your business at all levels by assisting marketing, sales, and customer service professionals in their day-to-day objectives. From data collection to one-on-one conversations, review collection helps your team in a variety of exciting ways.

1. Review collection boosts your brand’s visibility

Review collection may help your SEO and search engine ranking. Jayson Demers of AudienceBloom writes on Forbes that, “Google’s local search algorithm incorporates data from a number of third-party directories and review sites.” By boosting your SEO, it’s more likely that your information will be near the top of the search engine results page since more people are turning to Google as their first and only stop for research. Use review collection to increase your ranking and guarantee more eyes on your brand.

2. Customer reviews reduce churn and increase loyalty

BrightLocal reports that “73 percent of consumers trust a local business more after reading positive reviews.” This translates into increased loyalty for brands who satisfy their customers. Review collection also provides the opportunity to reduce churn with a quick response. Chatmeter found that “Not replying to reviews risks increasing customer churn by up to 15 percent,” suggesting that a proactive process stimulates the circle of consumer trust.

3. Reviews provide significant data for your marketing team

Review collection is a treasure box of data for marketers. By searching your reviews, you’ll find the terminology that your customers use to describe your products and services. You’ll notice that many others search for those same words. Marketers that hone in on search intent using data from review collection generate more leads for their sales team.

4. Social proof makes qualifying leads easier

Reviews give you access to leads that are further in the sales funnel. Knowing when these leads are online and what they’re looking for helps your sales team deliver a rapid response or connection. G2Crowd reports that “71 percent of B2B buyers look at reviews during the consideration stage,” indicating that qualified leads further in the funnel rely on reviews for their purchasing decision.

5. Sales professionals love soaring conversion rates

There’s no doubt about it; reviews provide the social proof that consumers need to make a decision. Spiegel Research Center found that “displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270 percent.” However, this number jumps to 380 percent for higher-priced products. This signals a strong connection between review collection and conversion rates. With more sales teams reporting difficulty closing deals, adding reviews helps ease that pain point.

6. Customer service reps appreciate the two-way conversation

Review collection allows customer service representatives to respond quickly to customer questions. Plus, data compilation provides invaluable contact information so customer service reps can reach out via phone call or email. Information by SmartInsights says that even negative reviews are a “great opportunity for your business to demonstrate top-notch customer service.”

7. Proactive review collection lets you direct the conversation

Customer service reps reply to reviews and when needed, get those in sales, marketing, or management involved. Review collection enables your company to know what’s being said about your brand before it goes viral. That way you have time to elevate it to the right person and immediately turn the conversation into a positive one.

8. Review collection improves marketing strategy, products, and services

By collecting reviews, you’re dedicating an ongoing effort to improving your product, services, and customer expectations. Review collection provides data that exposes weaknesses in your company. Knowing where your product failed or if marketing copy didn’t explain the service well enough, helps you tweak your products, services, and marketing strategy to best promote your brand. SmartInsights recommends also using reviews to find out more about your “brand experience.”

If you’re a sales professional pumped about a higher conversion rate or a customer service rep who wants to decrease churn, then review collection helps you meet those goals. Reviews are an excellent source of data for improving your marketing strategy, products, and services across the board.

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