Here at ConsumerAffairs, we’re big believers in the power of great customer service. So, we’ve gathered up a few of the best stories recounting times brands went above and beyond to deliver a truly stellar customer experience.

Ritz Carlton treats "Joshie" to a spa day

You might recall a story that went viral a few years back about a stuffed giraffe that had quite an adventure.

Upon returning home from a fun island vacation, a family discovered that their young son had left his beloved stuffed giraffe named Joshie behind at the Florida Ritz-Carlton where they stayed during their trip. A devastating discovery for any parent who knows how easily children can become attached to their favorite toys. In an attempt to provide some comfort, father Chris Hurn told his son that Joshie was happy and taking an extra long vacation at the resort.

That same night the family got a call from the Ritz Carlton loss prevention team to report that Joshie had been found, safe and sound, in the hotel laundry. Relieved, Hurn recounted the fib he told his son with the team at Ritz Carlton. The staff promptly sent the toy back, but it came with a little something extra -- photos from Joshie’s “extended vacation” in Florida, including snaps of the stuffed animal relaxing by the pool, getting a massage, and driving a golf cart around the beach. The Loss Prevention team even made Joshie a Ritz-Carlton ID badge, making him an official part of the team and snapped one final photo of the stuffed animal on the job looking at security monitors.


Source: Huffington Post

Trader Joe’s one day trek into grocery delivery

Trader Joe’s doesn’t usually do grocery delivery, but when they do …

During a particularly bad winter storm, a woman became concerned that her elderly father, living alone, wasn’t going to have enough food to get him through the storm. Not close enough to help him directly, the woman began calling around to different grocery stores to see if any of them would be able to deliver. Trader Joe’s sprung into action when they got the call. Even though the chain doesn’t normally provide delivery services, they understood the critical nature of the situation and rose to the occasion, getting the man diet-specific food within 30 minutes -- with no delivery fee!

Source: Reddit

A handwritten touch at Jimyz Automotive

It doesn’t have to be the glitz and glamour of Joshie’s 5-star hotel stay, or the high stakes of delivering food to an elderly customer in a snow storm, sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

A reddit user by the name of roviuser posted an image of handwritten note he received from his mechanic in the mail with the caption “I have never in my life seen this level of customer service.”

Redditers agreed, with a few even noting they knew the mechanic in question and received unparalleled service themselves. They’re certainly creating customers for life over at Jimyz by taking that extra step.


Source: Reddit

JetBlue puts on a parade

JetBlue is fairly well known for having a good pulse on what resonates with their customer base, especially through the use of social media to engage with customers.

After a light hearted exchange with the corporate twitter account, local JetBlue employees in Boston took note of a customer’s tongue-in-cheek request for a welcome home parade -- and delivered. Literally. The staff greeted the traveler the the gate with homemade signs welcoming her back home.


Source: Twitter / Hubspot

Zappos loses a sale, sends flowers

Zappos is widely recognized for their stellar customer service. One example that tends to stands out among the rest is the story of a woman who needed to return several pairs of shoes due to a medical treatment that left her feet extremely sensitive to pressure. The woman’s daughter had ordered six pairs of shoes hoping to find something that would help her mother better cope with her foot pain, but didn’t find the match she was hoping for. After calling Zappos to explain the situation the company happily accepted the return, and a few days later the woman’s mother received a large bouquet of flowers and get-well-soon card from the Zappos customer care team. On top of that, the woman, her mother, and her sister were all upgraded to VIP Zappos members, which grants them free shipping on all future orders.