Business growth can be a difficult thing to accomplish, especially in niches where there is a lot of competition or if the needs for the business’s services are seasonal. The pest control industry faces many growth challenges. A large portion of the year is spent in preparation for the warmer months which tend to be busy, hectic and even chaotic if the colder months were improperly spent. Forward progress can become especially challenging when your customers are only interested in your products and services a few months out of the entire year.

Just because there are challenges to overcome, however, it doesn’t mean growth is impossible. Here are four ways you can propel your pest control business forward!

Review collection

Believe it or not, customer feedback is an essential tool in creating business growth and sales. Because of this, it’s vital to your business success that you ask for the reviews! Proactive review collection, customer satisfaction surveys and courtesy follow-ups could make the difference between a business stand-still and business growth. Not only do these things assure your customers by making them heard, but it also provides the opportunity to solve customer issues at a much faster rate. Honest customer reviews help you make smart decisions with clarity and insight. They also help prospective customers understand what kind of pest control business you are and how reliable you can be!

Great customer service

Your quality of customer service has a huge impact on your business’s reputation, and therefore also on its ability to grow. The experience you provide for your customers leaves a lasting impression, so much so that 86 percent of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Additionally, 73 percent of customers admit that their customer experience had a huge impact on their buying decision. 65 percent of customers say that a positive customer experience is more important to them than a brand’s advertising. Make sure that your customer services skills are impressive and you’ll be more likely to earn (and keep) customers.

Quick response times

In this world of texting, emails and constant access to a smartphone, customers fully expect a quick, direct response to any and all of their questions and inquiries. Faster response times are more likely to result in a happy customer! According to statistics, 32 percent of social media users who contact a brand expect a response within a mere 30 minutes, compared to the 42 percent that expect an answer within 60 minutes. According to some studies, 50 percent of email responses are sent within two hours, while the most common email response is two minutes. Obviously there are exceptions and acceptable exemptions, but you should be sure your response time is up to par with your customer expectation.

Be found (SEO,

You can’t expect your business to grow if no one has heard of you to begin with. You have to talk about your business, add value to your website to increase your SEO, and network in order to be found! Schedule a time with ConsumerAffairs for Brands to get your company reviewed in order to increase your SEO and grow your business organically. ConsumerAffairs has a high ranking in Google when you search “Best Pest Control Company,” so take advantage of this and let your business benefit!


You want your pest control business to stand out amidst your competition. Customer reviews, excellent customer service, and proper networking and marketing strategies will go a long way in helping you do exactly that. Be sure to stay true to your brand, vision, and goals, don’t be afraid to spread the word about what you do, and take the time to care about your customers. Growth will follow!