It’s hard to understate the value of consumer reviews for your business – 63% of consumers are more likely purchase from a company with user reviews, search engines rank sites with consumer reviews more favorably and, on average, customer reviews produce an 18% lift in sales. Ad agencies only wish they could produce those numbers! But before you give the order to email everyone in your customer database, let's give it some more thought.

Consumers are looking for authentic, verified information they know they can trust. As a business, collecting your own reviews can kind of look like you're grading your own homework.

Here are three reasons you should partner with a third-party review site instead.

1. Consumers trust reviews on third-party sites

As many as 97% of consumers consult online reviews to help them make their purchasing decisions. The problem is, no matter how unbiased you work to make the collection process, when you collect your own reviews, consumers see them as advertising rather than customer testimonials, and only 25% of consumers trust advertising. Working with a trusted third-party site to collect customer feedback lets you take advantage of the name equity those sites have worked hard to build over the years, and lends your brand the credibility you’re looking to build.

2. Your brand can trust reviews on third-party sites

It makes sense that consumers don’t trust reviews that brands collected for themselves, but should you? There are dozens of conscious and subconscious forces at work, from confirmation bias (the tendency to look for information in a way that confirms our preconceptions) to internal pressure, that can cause you to minimize or ignore the voices of your least happy customers, creating dangerous blind spots for your brand.

Working with a third-party site like ConsumerAffairs means you get an unbiased, full-spectrum view of your products and services from verified reviewers, which lets you pinpoint issues and opportunities to improve your customer service.

3. It’s an opportunity to align brand messaging with consumer sentiment

Say you spend tens of thousands of dollars collecting feedback from satisfied customers and you get an average of 4 stars. Great! But if that 4 star-rating appears next to a 2-star rating on the first page of Google when someone searches for your company, not only does it negate any positive affect those 4-star reviews on your site may have had, it can actually create distrust on the part of the consumer. Why does your site say 4-stars, when another site says 2-stars? How do consumers know who to trust? Working with third-party review sites like ConsumerAffairs helps ensure the sentiment toward your brand that exists in the organic search channel matches the messaging on your site.

Here’s the bottom line: With millions of visitors landing on on third-party review sites (like!) each month, your customers are already here. Instead of spending the time, effort and money to collect your own customer reviews and still risking the pitfalls that come with "grading your own homework", partnering with ConsumerAffairs improves your brand sentiment in the organic search channel and helps you leverage the consumer trust we’ve built over two decades in business.